August 6, 2014

Keep It Smooth When It Counts with the Gillette Flexball Razor #SmoothSummer

Gillette, Flexball, razor, smooth, shave, #SmoothSummer, #shop

Summer is the perfect time to Keep It Smooth. My husband likes to shave everything but his goatee in the summer. That is how I like it too! However, we have been on vacation for a week! While we were on vacation, he did not shave. We happened to be in Boston and his team is the Boston Red Sox, so I don't know if he was channeling those Red Sox beards or what, but he did not shave.

Gillette, Flexball, razor, smooth, shave, #SmoothSummer, #shop

In working with #CollectiveBias and Gillette, we had the chance to try the new Gillette Flexball razor. I found the razor at Walmart. Not only was it in the aisle, I also found a whole endcap featuring the new Gillette Flexball. There was even this cool demonstration showing how the Flexball worked in comparison to other razors. I bought one and not soon enough, my husband needed to shave before he headed back to work, that is when it really counted!

Gillette, Flexball, razor, smooth, shave, #SmoothSummer, #shop

Normally my husband shaves with this old electric razor, so I was excited to see how he would like the Gillette Flexball manual razor. He lathered up with shaving cream and got started. I was excited to see all of that prickly hair coming off. I heard comments from him like, "Wow, I can't even feel this." and "This is coming off really easy." He liked it! No scratch that. He loved it!

Gillette, Flexball, razor, smooth, shave, #SmoothSummer, #shop

Even going around his goatee was really simple. He mentioned how precise it was and how it just glided over his skin. Even over a bumpy neck, for example. This is when it really counted, and he was quite impressed with how well it worked.

Gillette, Flexball, razor, smooth, shave, #SmoothSummer, #shop

Ready to see the end result? Love it! I am so happy that the prickly beardish thing is gone! I know he is not happy about heading back to work, but at least he is smooth shaven and ready to keep it smooth When It Counts! Making a good impression is always important, so when it counts, you want to look your best!

Gillette, Flexball, razor, smooth, shave, #SmoothSummer, #shop

So now we are ready to enjoy the rest of our #SmoothSummer! I see many more days at the pool, on the boat, dinners on the patio and other special moments ahead in the coming weeks. As a teacher, I am a bit bummed that it is already August, but we really plan to take advantage of the coming weeks and enjoy every minute. Need some smooth sk-inspiration? Check out these smooth faces of summer of Pinterest! 

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When do you think it's important to Keep It Smooth?


  1. Its good to keep it smooth for certain jobs, like those that deal with the public. Looks like a great shaver.

  2. We love those Red Sox beards here! But, your husband looks awesome without his! The Gillette Flexball razor did a great job giving him a smooth shave. #client


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