July 15, 2014

Take Bigelow Iced Tea on a Summer Road Trip #AmericasTea

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It's summer! That means plenty of road trips in my family. One of the hardest things about going on road trips is not having what you need once you get to your destination. There is nothing worse than being thirsty in a hotel room, and having to resort to the vending machines. No more! I worked with #CollectiveBias to show you how to make Bigelow Iced Tea anywhere you may travel. All you need is some Bigelow Tea to make yourself some refreshing iced tea on the go.


I found Bigelow Tea very easily at Walmart. Deciding on a flavor was the hard part! Finally, I decided that English Teatime would make wonderful iced tea mixed with any flavor. So I purchased English Teatime and an Assorted Pack. How do I make iced tea in a hotel, you ask? Well, if you are traveling to a hotel like I did, here is what you will need. Just pack a pitcher, an insulated mug or glass, and of course your Bigelow Tea!


It is so simple! The hotel I stayed at had hot water available in the lobby. Sometimes, you can also heat up hot water in your room. I took two glasses of hot water back to my room, and used them to brew two tea bags each. Then I filled my pitcher with ice. Every hotel has ice - and lots of it! In no time at all, the tea was ready. I just poured the hot tea into the pitcher of ice and stirred. I also added a bit of sugar, but that is optional. That is it! I was ready to pour it into my insulated glass and enjoy my summer road trip!


Our road trip was so much fun! It was so hot the day we visited the zoo. My combination of Mint Medley and English Teatime Bigelow Iced Tea was so refreshing! Visit Bigelow to shop for tea and get some great tea tips - including recipes. They have been family tea blenders since 1945! Bigelow Tea is of the highest quality and always comes in foil pouches to ensure good flavor and product freshness. You will also want to check out Bigelow's Made in the U.S.A. Sweepstakes! You can enter from now through July 29, 2014. 


While you hit the road this summer, don't forget to pack #AmericasTea! Brew some of your favorite iced tea to go and take that refreshing goodness with you! You can connect with Bigelow Tea on Facebook and Twitter. Visit the Pinterest board below for more inspiration and stories about Bigelow Tea!


  1. I'm liking this idea alot! We always have a coffee pot in the room but don't always think of tea!

  2. I love, Love, LOVE iced tea! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love tea and I like the containers you have for them.

  4. What a great idea to make an entire pitcher of tea in your hotel room to have during your summer vacation! The zoo is the perfect place to spend part of your summer road trip! #client

  5. We love Bigelow English Teatime and your mug and pitcher are really cute :)

  6. This summer I am drinking a gallon of iced tea about every day. I usually drink diet cola, but since it has been really hot lately, I am really enjoying the iced tea. I mostly am drinking iced green tea which has been really good.


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