June 22, 2014

The Sunday Social

This is my first time linking up to The Sunday Social! I love this idea. I added it to my Blog Events page so I don't forget to link up each week. Now onto this week's questions!

1. What’s your favorite scary movie?
I HATE scary movies. I can't even watch the trailers!

2. What is your favorite weird TV show you think no one else watches?
Okay, so I will confess that I am a Big Brother fanatic. Like, I can't even wait until Wednesday! Obsessed.

3. What is the song you can sing all the words to without any music?
So many! One I sing every single time I hear it is probably Thrift Shop.

4. What is your favorite book to re-read?
I am re-reading She's Come Undone. Great book for summer.

5. The one website you visit more times a day than others?
My email. Does that count? Facebook too. Shame on me!

Visit Ashley Lately or A Complete Waste of Makeup to link up! Check out both blogs while you are there! Love these ladies!


  1. I check my email a lot too. I don't do well with scary movies, I'll hide behind pillows or people. Haha. Happy Sunday!

  2. Don't feel bad; I've gotten to the point I check FB without really knowing it, it's like a reflex now lol

  3. Visiting from the link up! It's funny how many people hate scary movies- but at least you're not alone :) And yes, e-mail counts!

  4. I get stuck on Facebook for wayyyyy too long! lol! I started to give myself a time limit now! lol


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