June 19, 2014

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal :: Review

I have always found that covering up blemishes can be quite the production. Normally you would use a spot treatment and moisturizer, then a primer, followed by a concealer and foundation. No woman wants to layer on the products, especially in the summer heat.
Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal is a lightweight, multifunctional concealer that features powerful hydration, treatment and protection benefits. They work to evenly smooth skin and minimize the appearance pores, blemishes, pigmentation spots and fine lines. Designed for use on both the under eye and face, Treat & Conceal instantly improves skin tone, luminosity, and texture for a radiant, airbrushed look in seconds. 

Key Benefits:
  • Correct :: Helps visibly minimize the signs of aging on your face and keeps your skin smooth and glowing.
  • Cover :: Transforms skin by covering dark circles, blemishes and fine lines around the eye area and face with its enhanced color minerals.
  • Protect :: Soothes skin with White Rose and Chamomile extracts and other essential oils and agents.

What I love about this product:
  • Treat & Conceal is available in four color mineral tinted shades to adapt to virtually all skin tones :: light, medium, tan and dark. I used light in the photo above.
  • It evenly smooths out and minimizes the look of pores, fine lines and pigmentation spots without feeling thick or cakey.
  • You only need a teeny, tiny bit to cover a fairly large area. See my photo above.
To use, apply a small, pearl sized amount of Treat & Conceal to finger tip. Blend onto desired area using small patting motion to set onto skin. Layer the product where more coverage is needed.

Connect :: Visit miracleskintransformer.com for more information on the Miracle Skin Transformer product line. You can also find Miracle Skin Transformer on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal is available for $36 via ulta.com and nordstrom.com.


  1. this would be perfect for me! thanks for sharing!


  2. This looks like a great multi-tasking concealer.

  3. Wow, there is a big difference between the before and after pictures. Thank you for the review!

  4. I sure could use this skin transformer,for under eyes.
    This looks like something I could use,and I like that
    a little goes a long way.

  5. The product looks wonderful for full coverage,
    and that is mineral makeup.

  6. I like that this minimizes the need to add layers to the face in order to get a finished look! I also like that the concealer is mineral-based. A small amount seems to go a long way! It's a great product for summer! Thanks for the review!

  7. Wow, yes, I wouldn't want to add layer upon layer for my makeup coverage, especially during the summer when it can get really warm and humid! I like that this concealer is mineral based. I also like that a little amount can add a lot of coverage and create a very refined and polished look.


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