April 27, 2014

Somersets Shaving Oil for Women :: Review

Warm weather is just around the corner! As you trade in your pants and tights for shorts, skirts and bikinis, there’s one beauty step that a woman simply cannot skip - shaving! Your skin may be a little dry and sensitive to a razor after months of skimping on shaving. That is where Somersets Shaving Oil for Women comes in!

Packaged in a tiny bullet-shaped container, one 15 ml bottle yields up to a month of shaves! When I first got the bottle I thought, okay, this is not even enough to cover one leg! But I was surprised that just four to five drops per leg enables you to get a close, smooth shave without nicks, cuts or razor burn.

Somersets Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil for Women is formulated with a proprietary blend of organic essential oils such as Lavender, Tea Tree and Rosemary, which help to create a lubricating barrier between the skin and the razor, providing more glide for a truly comfortable shave.

I just got back from spring break, so I like that Somersets Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil for Women is TSA-approved! It can also be used with or without water - making it perfect for those "oops I missed a spot" moments. If you’re worried about the rest of your beach bod, you can also try Somersets Extra Delicate Shaving Oil for Women, which is specially formulated for the bikini line. Whether you’re heading to a tropical getaway for spring break or just “stay-cationing” at your local beach, try Somersets to get your beach ready.

Connect :: You can connect with Somersets Shaving Oil on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Buy It :: Somersets Shaving Oils for Women are available online at www.somersetsusa.com and www.drugstore.com as well as select food/drug stores nationwide and retail for $6.99.

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