August 25, 2013

Poetic Pen and Stylus for Touch Screen Tablets and Smartphones :: Review

If you own a digital device, chances are you have heard of Poetic. Poetic designs mobile cases and accessories that are unique and functional. They infuse technology, function and imagination into their cases. I own a Poetic case for my Samsung ATIV. It fits is perfectly and has all of the features I need. I most recently reviewed the PenPal Combo Pen and Stylus for Touch Screen Tablets and Smartphones.

I love the sleek look of this product. It is black with silver accents. It is also not too large, making it the perfect size for your tablet sleeve or handbag. The Poetic PenPal Capacitive Stylus offers twist style operation for Touch Screen Tablets and Smartphones. It works on all capacitive touch screens including the iPad 2.

The stylus is soft to the touch so it will not damage your screen in any way. The soft cushioned tip allows users to type accurately and comfortably. I always find my fingernails getting in the way when I type on my iPhone. This makes it effortless and easy. I would recommend this product for the 'on the go' individual who needs a product to suit multiple purposes. It is especially convenient for students who can use the stylus on their screen and take paper notes on the side. 

Not only does this product provide a fine stylus, but the PenPal also has a ballpoint pen built in with just a convenient twist of the shaft. The black ink flows smoothly, making it so convenient to go from one to the other. This two-in-one PenPal by Poetic is conveniently sized for effortless use, and precision response on both touch screen and paper. I love it!

Connect :: Check out Poetic and browse their large selection of cutting edge cases and accessories. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: You can purchase the PenPal Capacitive Stylus for Touch Screen Tablets and Smartphones that I reviewed for $29.95.


  1. I love this idea! I wonder why it took so long for someone to figure this out!

  2. I have been delaying getting a stylus for my Kindle Fire - but this is such a classy looking one, and as it has a pen, too, I won't have to carry a second item in my purse. Thanks for the lead!

  3. i didnt know they had this type of products out. Because of the length of my fingernails its sometimes hard to hit the right keys on my iPad. . This would be perfect for me. thanks so much for this review and info.


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