Love for Lilies

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It is always the perfect occasion for beautiful lilies. Every day is the perfect day to share the magic of this pretty flower. From simple expressions to monumental occasions, no flower is better for capturing the mood quite like these alluring blossoms. They’re even great to pair with other beauties, like gladiolus, calla lilies and irises. It doesn’t need to be a holiday for a customer to want lilies. In fact, it could easily be a day just like this one. (hint, hint)

Guys please don't be clich̩ and get your lady roses. If you have a gift to give your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend Рgive a gift she can appreciate. How about a unique bouquet of lilies? You will certainly upgrade your status to the "thoughtful and caring husband/son" etc. As you can see they come in many lovely colors like pink, yellow, white and orange.

Lilies are perfect for every occasion. They are beautiful and modern. Making them the perfect gift for an anniversary or birthday - or even when you need to apologize or forgetting one of those occasions. They are great gifts for women who want the beauty of flowers but don't want to take care of them.

Or just forget the gift giving all together and treat yourself with lilies. They will instantly brighten up a room. Lilies are great for home decoration. You can purchase potted bulbs at: grocery stores, garden centers, and of course at flower shops.

I had white lilies in the table arrangements at my wedding. They looked much like this one. I received so many compliments on them. If you have a spring or summer wedding coming soon, you really can’t go wrong with this versatile flower. If you would like some visual inspiration, visit this Pinterest page for bulb inspiration and ideas.

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  1. Aren't they gorgeous? I've been walking all around my leafy neighborhood and going to botanical gardens to enjoy lilies and other flowers. I even have a niece named Tigerlily!

  2. I love getting a bouquet of Lily's at the store because they are so pretty and seem to brighten up my day. The white Lily's in this picture is so pretty, and I bet everyone thought they were so pretty at your wedding!

  3. I knew that lilies come in white and pink, but I did not know about all the other colors. I love the photo of the yellow lilies

  4. I love lilies. LOVE them. I subscribe to some flower catalogs that specialize in bulbs, and lilies are my favorite. Especially the Stargazer lilies!

  5. I love lilies! They're so pretty.

  6. Lilies come in so many forms and colors - never boring.

    slehan at juno dot com

  7. As you can see they come in many lovely colors like pink, yellow, white and orange.umbrella


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