April 7, 2013

FREE Spring Printables :: Positivity Spreads Like Wildflowers

If you need some spring inspiration, head to the paper coterie blog and download some free spring printables
Positivity spreads like wildflowers. No sooner does one happy thought crop up do you find them all over the place. Everyone knows that spring is the best time to start growing new and wonderful things, so let’s all put on our garden gloves and plant some happiness. Then we can sit back and watch how beautiful the world becomes! This spring, choose happiness and spread it around! See how big your garden of cheerfulness can get!
Click HERE to view them all. Check out all the loveliness you will find there ...

Which is your favorite? Where are you going to put yours? I think my Amazing Things Are Going To Happen printable will look fabulous on my fridge!


  1. HI! I'm visiting as part of the UBP13 which I think is the coolest thing...especially for a very new blogger like me. I love your blog. You definitely have a new follower in me. If you have a minute, I’d love for you to drop in at my little spot on the blogosphere, The Sweet Life of Second Grade, at http://n2tching.blogspot.com and let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy the rest of the party!

  2. These free Spring Printables are so awesome. I am going to print some of these pretty items and put them in an frame around my house to give me inspiration! Thanks for link!

  3. those are so cute,I love printables to put on gifts or just to leave for someone special

  4. So pretty! I am very excited for spring to be here. thanks for sharing :)

  5. I love quotes, they inspire and make me happy or just make me think. The Choose Happy is one I will def be printing out! Thanks so much!

  6. I think quotes caninspire a person to do something more than usual.. I think my favorite is Choos Happy becaue too many people only see the downside of events.

  7. It's a really tough day, so I looked under inspiration. I don't believe it today, but appreciated the sentiment all the same.

  8. This is nice, thanks! I'm going to print a few of these out. I'm not by nature an optimistic person - but maybe these can help me change!!

  9. These are really cool. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  10. I love these and very nice of you to share them with us :) @tisonlyme143


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