Nature Nate’s {100% Raw, Natural and Unfiltered} Honey :: Review

Did you know that the pollen content in honey remedies allergy symptoms? The pollen content can only be found in 100% raw, unfiltered honey. Nature Nate's Honey is full of pollen, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Created to serve only Mother Nature’s sweetest nectar, Nature Nate’s honey comes from American bees, and is one of the few brands that produces 100% raw, natural and unfiltered honey. 

Quiz time again! Did you know that most honey in your supermarket is pasteurized – “cooked” to over 180 degrees and filtered under high pressure - to give it a clear and golden appearance? While it may look pretty on the shelf, the extreme heat is what destroys much of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and pollens found naturally in honey.

I had a chance to sample some Nature Nate's 100% raw, unfiltered honey. I don't use honey all that often, but one of my favorite ways to use it is in tea. I love tea and I enjoy it several times a week. I tried adding some of Nature Nate's honey to my tea as a natural sweetener. It tasted wonderfully sweet! I have been adding it my tea ever since! Nature Nate's would be perfect in any of your favorite honey recipes. Give it a try not only for the health benefit, but for the sweet, natural taste!

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Buy It :: Check your local store shelves for Nature Nate's Honey. It can be found on a number of shelves at local retailers, including Albertson's, Central Market, Costco, Kroger, Market Street, Sprouts, Tom Thumb, Walmart and Whole Foods.

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  1. I had no idea that raw honey contained pollen and that it was a remedy for allergies! That's so cool! Neither did I know about the heating process which eliminates all the wonderful nutrients and minerals (and other good stuff) so that regular pasteurized honey really doesn't help you at all! I like using honey in my tea as well as adding it to yogurt! I'm definitely going to make sure to get the raw kind from now on, and especially Nature Nate's brand! Thanks for the review!

  2. So I wonder why they pasteurize it then? I do like to get local honey , it helps with allergies but supports our local businesses as well.

  3. I have never tryed Nature's Nate Honey. Since it has all the natural nutrients in it I shall have to go to Whole Foods to check it out.


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