My Second Screen #TabletCrew #IntelTablets

Multitasking is a part of my everyday life. I can't remember the last time I just had one thing to do and nothing else was on my mind. My Intel Tablet makes it so easy to multitask while I am doing just about anything - or in this case - a whole lot of nothing. Yes, I even multitask while I am watching TV! My first screen is usually on Bravo (hey Andy Cohen) and my second screen is definitely my tablet. I am constantly checking my email, my Twitter updates and my Facebook wall. I always want to stay connected and my Samsung ATIV is my perfect second screen making sure that I don't miss a thing. It perfectly compliments my third screen - my phone of course! But now I reach for my tablet first. Why? It is so much larger, brighter, faster ... you get the idea. So go ahead and check the weather, keep up on your celebrity gossip, email your sister back, do some shoe shopping or Tweet about the TV show you are watching. Your second screen can literally do just about anything.

Do you have a Second Screen?

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  1. Makes me wish I had a tablet or a smart phone.

  2. Actually usually I dont- right now I I am on a desktop and the TV is on but behind me :) I listen more than I watch unless say the Walking Dead is on and I abandon the desktop all together!

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  3. My parents were super kind and two years ago they bought me my iPad for Xmas. I was so thankful that I said I would never ask or want another big gift again, and I haven't. I refused to tell them anything I wanted for this Xmas and two birthdays because I love my iPad so much. I always use it. I don't even turn on my desktop anymore. I love how fast and convenient it works, and no virus worry. It's my second screen for sure. Try wanted to buy me an iPod for xmas or my birthday and I said no, I have the ipad you bought me. I think,that is why they don't mind offering me a nice gift b/c they know how thankful I am for it. I usually am looking at nail art or researching medical stuff.


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