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EverydayFamily.com is dedicated to providing support and resources for families. They do this through their online articles, tools, information, and community, as well as through charitable works to benefit the global community. As I browsed the site, I found it to be an established resource for parents who have experiences and information to share, as well as those who are seeking guidance and support as they move through their family’s journey, from pre-conception to preschool and beyond. EverydayFamily.com provides expert advice and informative articles to its millions of members, as well as continually expanding offerings including interactive tools, personalized content, and member rewards. I like how they have divided the information between preconception, baby, toddler, and parents. It makes it easy to find what you are looking for. One of my favorite features was the baby name finder. I love finding fun and unique baby names - and I don't even have a child yet! You can also find great features like Baby Photo Galleries, Photo Contests, Shower Invitations and Free Baby Stuff! Have fun exploring the forums or join some of the groups for that extra needed support! So learn, love and share your experiences at EverydayFamily.com. There is something for just about anyone.

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  1. This could be a good resource for new Moms & Dads or for those who dont have a whole lot of support. It seems there are alwaysquestions and although no one is 100% right, it would sure help!

    ellen beck on rc

  2. My sister is expecting in October and our goal is stop the cycle of not being close to extended family. It's just me, my mom, step dad and my sister and her husband. We didnt grow up close to aunts, uncles, cousins. Now that I am going to,be an aunt i want to be knowledgeable about what my sister is going through and provide support. I can't wait to,have a stronger relationship with my sister and her husband because of their new addition. It will have an aunt to count on with a meaningful relationship, so I like that this site has so many areas with info and advice


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