January 30, 2013

Hey Kia, Where Do Babies Come From? #SpaceBabies

Are you ready for some football? When I watch the Big Game, I look forward to the commercials the most. Shhh ... don't tell my husband that! Anyway, this ad will be seen during the upcoming Big Game and it comes from Kia. It answers the age old question, "Where do babies come from?" in a pretty hilarious way. I have never had to answer this one myself. But perhaps you can relate to the nervous dad who tries to delicately answer this question? You probably did not tell the curious child about Babylandia. But what did you say? I would love to hear your story! Speaking of babies and cars, do you know how to choose the right booster seat? Click here for reviews.


  1. Hey! You just answered a question I had! haha. A few minutes ago, I turned around to glance at the TV and saw a baby astronaut and wondered what in the world the commercial was for.

  2. My answer has always been 'you're too young to know that yet' or 'it's hard to explain' among many more explanations. That commercial is hilarious!!!!! Thanks for the morning laugh:)

  3. Hilarious!! I don't have kids but the little boy I babysit and I were looking at pictures on my phone and my baby cousin's picture came up and he asked me where babies come from. I was like uhhhhh that's a question for your mom and dad lol. Speechless! (Sorry for the crazy run on sentence)

  4. I only watch the commercials (and eat)!


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