FREE 2013 Memory Jar Printable

Check out this CUTE & FREE download from the Paper Coterie. This memory jar is an easy way to journal in 2013. I find it hard to find something to write about. No worries ... these 52 prompts all ready to go!
Documenting your story always seem to be at the top of most New Year’s resolution lists. So the Paper Coterie team came up with an easy, fun, and inspiring way for you to make sure you document your year.This Memory Jar printable has 52 Questions for you to answer, one each week, so you can look back over the year and remember your thoughts. To get started, print out the questions, jar label and journal bookplate below. Cut apart and place questions in a jar, then adhere the label to the jar and the bookplate to a journal. Each week choose a question to answer from the jar - write question or adhere question to page of journal then record your thoughts. Enjoy!


  1. this is so cool! I've been thinking of having a prayer and praise journal. This would be a nice way to do it!

  2. I love this because I was thinking of making my own prayer and praise journal - this is so nice, why re-invent the wheel!


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