FREE Gratitude Jar Printable

Here is a wonderful FREE download from the Paper Coterie. This printable gratitude jar will help you get ready for Thanksgiving. Simply print a label for your jar and fill it full of your family's responses to a series of fun and unique gratitude prompts. Want a creative and meaningful Thanksgiving activity? Read through your family's responses before or after Thanksgiving dinner. Are you ready to create a year full of abundance? Keep adding responses to the jar throughout the coming year. Next Thanksgiving, you'll have a full year of blessings to reflect on and be grateful for.

While you are there check out the daily gratitude journals for 50% off! They have some great gift ideas too so browse around!

What are you grateful for?


  1. I love this printable. I just downloaded it, printed it out, taped it to a jar and the kids are writing what they are grateful for. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awww this reminded me of after my divorce I had a min wage job, full custody (thankgoodness!) of my 4 kids (3 w/ special needs) and no child support for the 1st 2 yrs bc it was tied up in court so we were below poverty level and often didnt have utilities and sometimes no heat or running water and very little food. I did all kinds of things with my kids to make it seem more like an adventure than deprivation and we were a great little team. One of the things I did is I had a notebook and when I tucked the kids in each night and read them any story they asked for and then sang each one whatever song they each asked for, I MADE them think of and tell me each 5 things they were grateful for that day even on days when maybe all we could think of is very basic stuff like having a roof over our head. Now my kids are all young adults and they said they are actually glad they went thru that difficult time in their past (that difficult time lasted 2 yrs) ... they are stronger bc of it and more resilient and ALL of us are sooooo appreciative and aware of even the little blessings in life as well as the blessings in disguise.


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