Insignia LED Light Bulbs :: A Revolution in Lighting Technology :: Review

A light bulb that lasts 22 years? No, that is not a typo. 22 years. It's here! Isn't it amazing how far we are advancing technologically? The latest in lighting technology is the Insignia 800-Lumen, 13-Watt Dimmable LED Light Bulb. I had the opportunity to review these bulbs and I was very surprised by not only how long it lasts, but also how well it performs.

I wasn't sure how the light would look with this bulb. But the Insignia NS-LED60F 13-Watt dimmable LED light bulb offers a warm white light equivalent to a standard 60-Watt incandescent light bulb. It is a beautiful and bright color. Not only does the omnidirectional design provide uniform light distribution ideal for table lamps, open ceiling, and wall fixtures; it also uses 75% less electricity. Don't forget as mentioned, this LED light bulb will provide you light for more than 22 years. Think green!  It creates 98% less waste than traditional lighting options (fully recyclable – contains no mercury, filament or glass). It is really pretty much amazing.

The Insignia LED Light Bulb Features Include:
  • Lasts more than 22 years.
  • Less frequent replacements and more cost savings.
  • Uses only 13 watts of power: Over 75% savings in electricity usage compared with a 60-Watt incandescent light bulb.
  • Instant On: Lights up instantly at full brightness.
  • 800 lumens of brightness: Provides same amount of brightness as a 60-Watt incandescent bulb.
  • Omnidirectional design: Distributes light evenly.
  • Dimmable bulb: Adjust the brightness to a desired level using leading dimmers (not included).
  • Mercury-free design: Unlike CFL bulbs, this bulb uses no Mercury.
  • Standard Light Bulb Shape: Similar size and shape as a standard A19 incandescent bulbs, providing for easy change overs.
  • Light Appearance: This frosted white plastic bulb casts a warm white glow at 3000K.
  • Operating Voltage: 120 Volts.

Why not give them a try using the special offer coupon below? I am confident that you will be as impressed as I was! 

Buy It :: You can purchase Insignia LED light bulbs in stores or online at on or after October 28 for $16.99 for a 60-watt equivalent and $13.99 for a 40-watt equivalent.

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The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. See my full disclosure.


  1. Light bulbs have come a long, long way. I remember the days that we bundled up our bulbs that were not working any more and took them to the electric company. They'd replace them at no charge for new bulbs.

    They wanted to make it easy for us to all keep using electricity. Now it's a different ball game for sure.

  2. Amazing! I know that LED's have been making a dent in the market as of lately, thanks for the insight on the discount offers.

  3. I am impressed that these light bulbs last more than 22 years. Thank you for the review!

  4. 22 years??! This is amazing! I need to get this!

  5. I like the looks of these-and it would work with lamp shades too where sometimes the other ones dont very well.

  6. LED lights are a very good innovation in electricity field and nowadays it is widely used everywhere like in bathrooms, factories, grounds etc… We can change appearance of lighting with different color and it does not produce too much heat also.


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