August 2, 2012

How To Create A Great Looking Bedroom For Your Child

Successfully creating a bedroom that a child loves to use is a difficult matter. Consider carefully the following factors.


One of the most important considerations is what to put down as flooring? It should be durable of course, help to reduce sound transfer and be easily cleaned. Carpeting from Carpetone offers a wide variety of choices that are sure to suit every design plan, including vinyl flooring.


Paint, wallpaper, stencils, can all reflect a child’s personality in their private room. Consider plainer styles for younger children that can be made more sophisticated as the child grows. Walls with a neutral color can have lively colored stencils, window treatments, shelving and pictures added as the child grows.


Lights and lamps in the room can be changed as the child’s tastes mature, and the in-room decorations can also be regularly changed. Add a desk for school-age children or a toy box for younger kids. Stick-on ceiling stars that glow in the dark and teach a budding astronomer about the constellations, while an art table may provide a young Rembrandt with an area for personal expression.

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  1. thanks for the tips!

  2. Color is very important. Makes the whole atmosphere!

  3. great tips! we are moving soon and I'm excited to decorate new rooms.

  4. I also like the stick on wall art that can easily be removed and changed.

    slehan at juno dot com

  5. Stick on stars! Those would be great in the guest room that I am trying to fix up for my niece! Thanks!

  6. Great tips for brightening up a room!

  7. Great ideas ~ my niece will soon be living with my sister and she is struggling to get her room ready!

  8. We made our daughter's room very neutral,so it could "grow" with her, except for the vinyl flooring that was very brighly colored with nursery rhyme characters. As she grew older, she was somewhat embarrassed about the floor - but it was always my favorite part of her room!

  9. We chose a bright, but natural, orange for the walls in a non-voc paint and it looks awesome

  10. I agree with your ideas. I think that "neutral" is the best way to start, so that changes can easily be made as the child grows and has her/his own ideas of what the room should reflect

  11. I have sold new homes for many years and was always excited to see how parents finished the childrens rooms. My favorite was the room of a young boy it was a surf theme and his desk of a part of a surfboard coming out of the wall.

  12. Great advice. We've held back so as not to customize too much to maybe a certain character or theme. Keeping our child's room a neutral tone will carry over and work best like you said and grow with them.


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