May 21, 2012

10 Things A Husband Should Do

Photo via JulieAnnArt on Etsy

10 Things A Husband Should Do
  1. Never ask me, "Is that new?" This indicates you are accusing me of buying something I don't need. Of course I need another pair of shoes!
  2. Place clothes in the laundry hamper, not on the floor. Is that too much to ask?
  3. Take care of the germy and yucky chores (trash, bugs, toilets, etc).
  4. Give daily foot rubs. How amazing would that be?
  5. Accept the fact that I will always nag you about your driving. You drive too fast. Slow down!
  6. When I ask you what you want for dinner, give me an actual answer. "I don't care" is not on the menu.
  7. Admit it when you are wrong. Because sometimes you are.
  8. Listen thoughtfully when I want to tell you about my blogging adventures. Even if I know you are actually bored to tears.
  9. Plan a date night every now and then. Why am I always the one planning them?
  10. Make me laugh. Oh wait, you already do that! Love you babe!
How many of these would you agree with? What did I forget?

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  1. Hi Lesli I think you were pretty spot on! I def can relate to almost every item. :)

  2. Love this!! Forget about the family rules sign- this makes for good subway art!

  3. I'm actually the fast driver, but beyond that, great list! Foot rubs daily, I could live with that!

  4. Daily foot rubs... ummm, that would be fabulous!

  5. Love it! I just read this to my husband! Not sure I am happy about how much he laughed about No 8!!!!

    karen @

  6. This is so great; LOVE the one about foot rubs!

  7. Love this!

    #11-Write a love note! Especially on our anniversary!

  8. Ha ha My husband always answers the "What's For Dinner" question with "Food"... Drives me crazy!

  9. I have not wished for a foot rub as much as after reading these lists. I hope these men of ours are reading, it really is that simple!!!
    I love people that can admit they are wrong sometimes. Real super heros. Great list!!

  10. Daily foot rubs would be incredible. How can I get some of those.

  11. I'm laughing at the posts and the comments b/c the first thing that came to my mind is how many times I beg for a really good foot rub and have to settle for one eye on the tele and a half-hearted rub-a-dub once over light on the tootsies. They just don't get it!


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