2012 Ultimate Blog Party :: Welcome, Grab A Drink!

The Biggest Blog Party of the Year is here! It is happening all week over at 5 Minutes for Mom! Welcome to Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink. This is my second year linking up with the Ultimate Blog Party!

So what do you write about?
If you are new here is what you can expect to find on my blog. Stick around and you will find product reviews, giveaways and deals in fashion, accessories, jewelry, beauty and more! I also love posting about my hobbies which include photography, crafting, decorating, travel, music, TV and movies.

You can also find me here!

Feeling Lucky?
If you like entering giveaways then you will want to make sure you subscribe somehow so you don't miss anything! There is a HUGE event starting on Monday! I also have some fabulous giveaways happening right now! You can enter to win a $50 Gift Certificate from Heart On Your Wrist, Sweet Pikle Organizer, and Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Recycler just to name a few! See all of them by clicking the button below.

Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink? What's that all about?
I always try to be optimistic and well "put a little umbrella in my drink". It is a metaphor for my take on easy peasy ways to make your life a little more glamorous and lovely. You don't have to be a gazillionaire sipping a pina colada on a beach. Although, that would also be fine with me! You may just be sipping on a Vitamin Water or a sweet tea in your living room {my personal faves}. Add a little umbrella; you will see what I mean!

Hope to see you back soon!


  1. thanks for reminding me about UBP I am so ready to go party

  2. LOVE the name :)

    New followers from UBP --- check us out and follow us back at www.highheelsandhotdeals.com :)

  3. Happy Partying from the UBP12! Love the name of your blog! Your design is super cute too!

  4. Hi! Popping in from the UBP! :)

    Your blog is gorgeous! <3 I'm going to come back and read more!


  5. Woohoo! I only just linked up a few minutes ago! (so boohoo i am at the bottom of the lists currently!)


  6. visiting from the UBP! This is also my 2nd year linking up! Love the idea of putting an umbrella in the drink! Please stop by http://www.talesofmommyhood.com/2012/04/ubp-12.html when you have a minute to party with me!

  7. Stopping by from the UBP12! I love the name of your blog & design!! Looking forward to getting to know you a little better once we're all hung-over post-party. HA! Cheers!

  8. I love your outlook on life and the little umbrella rocks! I am going to pick some up on my way home!!! I am visiting for the first time through the UBP 12! Glad to have found you! Hope you'll stop by and say hello if you have time! Happy Blogging

  9. New follower from UBP! Very creative blog! My blog is http://naptimeshopper.blogspot.com/

  10. Thanks for your post www.parties.inapikle.com/sweetday


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