March 3, 2012

My Neighborhood. #marchphotoaday

One thing I love about my neighborhood is all of the trees. It is one of those neighborhoods where you drive down the street and there are trees all around you - like a tunnel of trees. In the Spring it is stunning! Right now it doesn't look like much. But just imagine when they all start to bloom. It looks awesome!


  1. It looks like a very nice view from the trees!

  2. I love that photo! It looks just like today!


  3. Wow! We have a ton of trees in our neighborhood too. In fact when I went out today I decided to take advantage of the recent high winds and scoop up all of the manageable tree branches that fell down. I will add them to our fireplace fire for the night. I love that crackling sound. Nice Pic!

  4. What a beautiful photo! Love the blue sky with naked trees!


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