February 12, 2012

Megan Papworth Photography :: "On The Go" Photography Workshop :: Review and Giveaway

Do you have an SLR and don't know how to use it? So do I! In fact, I have had my SLR since 2008 and I have [never] shot in manual mode! Eeek! Did I just admit that to the blogoverse? Well it is true. I did not feel confident enough to shoot in manual mode. So as you can imagine, I was really looking forward to completing the "On The Go" Workshop from Megan Papworth Photography.

Megan Papworth Photography offers photography workshops that are perfect for anyone interested in improving their photography skills – from beginners to professionals to mother's looking to take great photos of their kids. I really love photography and I think I am pretty good at composition, lighting and other photography basics. Combine that with the fact that I own an SLR and I suddenly became the "family photographer". I took lots and lots of photos [in auto mode]. Many of those photos turned out pretty awesome. But it always left me wondering - what is possible in that scary manual mode?!

The "On The Go" Workshop includes 6 lesson plans that cover everything you need to know from start to finish when it comes to executing a professional and artistic photo shoot, whether for yourself or your clients. I received a digital copy of the workshop to review. Each lesson was in a PDF file. I printed everything out for easy access. Then I started my learning journey.

The lessons start with taking your camera off auto setting and getting comfortable with shooting in manual. That is how you get the artistic and creative photos that you can't achieve otherwise. Lesson 1 is about the thing I was most interested in learning about - shooting in manual mode. Megan makes confusing topics like exposure, aperture and shutter speed as easy to understand as possible. That is what is nice about the workshop. You can work at your own pace. I needed to spend extra time on lesson 1 because I am not a technical person. So I took it very slow and re-read this lesson several times. I learned how to adjust the settings on my own SLR [keep your camera's manual close by]. I experimented with the settings and I started snapping some photos. I am now more comfortable with shooting in manual mode. I am always looking for photo opportunities where I can experiment with what I learned!

The next few lessons go over creativity, lighting techniques, and finding your style. These are things that I already felt pretty comfortable with so these lessons were much easier for me. However, even the seasoned photographer will pick up some great tips. I love how Megan offers special tidbits in each lesson called "MP says". This is where Megan will offer her tips and tricks and break down the subject matter of the topic. I gained some great insight from these sections.

The final lessons cover the post-processing side of things with workflow tips as well as learning Photoshop essentials and creating and implementing Photoshop actions. I work on Photoshop Elements and I taught myself how to use it. So, I really got a lot out of these lessons. I found myself saying, "Oh that is what tool you use to get that effect." and "Now I understand how to make that happen." It turns out I was doing simple things like removing blemishes from skin a completely different way. Megan's tips made it so much easier!

Here’s another glimpse at the curriculum.
  1. Mastering your camera in manual setting and nailing your exposure every time!
  2. Lighting techniques and sun flare.
  3. Composition, creativity and using your surroundings to create unforgettable and unique photos.
  4. I will share my personal workflow and all my post processing tips & tricks (priceless!) in Photoshop.
  5. Setting yourself apart, originality in your business and making your clients happy!
It’s a one-stop-shop of everything you need – everything she knows and has learned that will help you produce quality photos. She holds nothing back. One of the most useful things from the lessons is learning about Megan's workflow. You get to go inside the head of a photographer. Do you wonder, okay so I took some great photos, now what? Megan tells you how she organizes her photos and what she does after each shoot. These are awesome tips for someone with a budding photography business, that are simple enough for anyone to do. The lessons are easy to follow and are really designed to push your creativity and put new material in action! More details on the "On The Go" Workshop can be found at www.meganpapworth.com under the workshops tab.

Megan Papworth Photography is offering one of my [lucky] readers a chance to win their own "On The Go" Workshop!

About the lovely and talented Megan Papworth ::
Megan Papworth Photography specializes in wedding, engagement, family, child and senior photography. We also have great resources for fellow photographers and clients who are looking for something distinctive and top-notch. We do it all, and LOVE what we do!
As we use natural light, we are able to capture the truth and vibrance of your reality. Creativity is key as is a unique eye for capturing emotion and detail.
We serve all of Southern California (and frequent Arizona) and of course, love to travel. You can take us anywhere … just like your favorite pair of kicks! We’re the perfect fit.
Megan Papworth Photography offers online photography workshops that are perfect for anyone interested in improving their photography skills – from beginners to professionals.

Connect :: You can find Megan Papworth Photography on her website. You can also keep up with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: You can purchase the six lesson "On The Go" Workshop via her website for $160.

Win It :: One {lucky} reader will win the six lesson "On The Go" Workshop! This giveaway is open Internationally! A US winner can choose between the CD or digital download workshop. A Canada or other International winner will have the digital download option only.

How To Enter :: Just use the simple form below to enter! Must be 18+ to enter. Giveaway closes on February 27, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST. Only one person per household/IP address may enter. Good luck!

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  1. My best tip is to take tons of pics and never delete one until you get it onto the computer for a better look <3

  2. shoot a lot of pics , for the purpose of eyes closed, someone not looking. I shoot anywhere from 50- 100 or more of each shoot .Use different angles, stand on chairs, kneel on ground etc , I also do a test shoot before I do an actual shoot to check the lighting when photographing people .

  3. Try lots of different angles when taking your pictures. From above, below, left side, right side, close up, far away. Sometimes the unusual angle really makes the photo!

  4. I learned that when taking pictures of my grandbabies rapid fire continuous picture taking is a must to get that ONE perfect shot!
    Connie Gruning
    CGruning at aol(dot)com

  5. I have found that I have better luck outside in the afternoon when shooting pictures.

  6. My best tip is to take photographs outside in the natural light.

  7. My best photography tip is if you are photographing more than one person, let them do something natural and just take loads of shots. Shots side on are perfect, they look more natural and it's like a peek in on the moment.

  8. My best tip is, when photographing water that moves, use a tripod and slow your shutter speed down until you get the desired effect.

    Flowing water makes nearly invisible white 'froth', even if you can't see it.

    Lowering your shutter speed will give you a white 'flow'. How pronounced the white flow will be, depends on the shutter speed.

    This works particularly good with waterfalls and rapids...

  9. Spur of the moment pics of the kids always turn out the best.

  10. Think about what you what your shot to look like, what you want in it, before you take it. imagine it and then try to copy that with the camera. Read that one. Not sure. coreybrennan26@hotmail.com

  11. Take pictures when the sun is bright outside. Use camera stand when taking pictures at night =)

  12. The best tip I learned was to keep a notebook handy for things you see that you would like to photograph...

  13. To get a nice picture in doors without losing the natural ambiance of your surroundings. Use the flash with a piece of tissue in front of it, this way the flash will cast a softer light. Also, if you would like the entire scene to have equal lighting, bounce the flash off of a pocket mirror.

  14. My best tip is to use a tripod whenever possible.

  15. My best tip is to use natural light whenever possible!

  16. I want to learn how to be a better photographer. just purchased a cool new camera and am ready to move into the digital age. also want lighting techniques. penny hyde hydepennym@gmail.com

  17. my best tip ever is to take many, many pics. there is quality in volume. you might just find, "the one". I also love natural light; but want to learn about enhancing. penny hyde hydepennym@gmail.com

  18. Rule of 3rds is the best composition tip for photography that I have!

  19. One tip is to accept both criticism and praise and know your camera! Whoops, thats two, but the second one is very important!

  20. Of course to know what your camera can offer and do. I also learned to take vertical pictures.

  21. My tip:
    learn your camera and its features.
    take lots and lots of picture, you can always delete the one you dont like once you get home.


  22. My best photography tip is to zoom in. So many people have too many distracting objects in the background. You really need to zero in on your subject. I especially loves close-ups of adorable little faces!

  23. My best one is that aperture is really, really important!


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