January 29, 2012

Leaping Into A New Home

My husband and I bought our home six years ago. The market was good back then and we thought it would be the perfect starter home for us. Fast forward to six years later and we have simply outgrown our house. The rooms are small, the closets are small, everything is small! There is barely enough room for us, let alone our future children! It is time to start the process of selling our current house and finding a new one. 

We want our next home to be the one that we raise our children in. We want it to be the home where our children will make their memories. It is not going to be easy. In fact, it will probably be frustrating. But in the end, we know it will be worth it!

Here is what we need to do to accomplish our goal of being in a new home in 2012.
  1. Save up 20% to put down on a new home. Saving money in this economy is not easy. But my husband and I agree that we would like be able to put 20% down on our new home.
  2. Get our current home ready for buyers. There are a few updates that we need to do before we can put our house on the market. We need a new kitchen floor and we need to update the bathroom. I know that making these two updates will make our home much more desirable to buyers.
  3. Sell our current home. This will not be easy! The housing market is still very bad in our area. If we have to take lower than asking price, I hope we can break even by getting a better deal on the new home.
  4. Find our new home. We need to make sure that the new home is bigger, priced right and in a good school district. Easier said than done? Probably. But the fact that the housing market is so bad could be in our favor when we look for our new home!
  5. Move in! Hopefully our new home will be move in ready, but we need to be prepared in case we need to do some work on the new home before we move in.

So, if we follow these steps, we should be "Leaping Into A New Home" by the end of the year!

What will the "Next Big Leap" be in your life? 

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  1. We've moved a few times over the past 10 years and I know it's stressful but its so worth it in the end. One thing I did was watch a lot of those design shows and real estate shows where they stage the house. I picked up lots of tips on making your house more appealing to buyers and they worked! We sold our home in Edmonton in 11 days!

  2. Great list for this year. Hopefully it doesn't take that long for you to do. I always worry about that stuff. :)

  3. Finding the perfect home takes time! It's great you have time to find what you are looking for. It really makes a big difference to have the right home.

    BTW, I drove a CR-V for years and loved it. I bet the new one is a nice ride.

  4. It sounds like you have a great plan and I really hope it does not take long for you to sell. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  5. We also want to sell our house. I like my house but we'd like to move out in the country but right now isn't the time. Hoping the market comes up soon.

    My parents have had CR-Vs for their last 4 vehicles and love them!

  6. im so looking forward to the day that me and the hubby can buy our own home..

  7. Wonderful advice for someone looking to get into a new home. PS. I LOVE the CRV!

  8. Good luck with your home move! I test drove a CRV for the first time a few weeks ago... now I need to save my pennies to buy one :)

  9. I hate moving! Good luck with your move.

  10. I hate moving. I don't plan to move for a long time. Good luck to you all. I hope you find something that is just perfect. It's always nice to live in a home where you don't feel like your stepping all over each other.

  11. All great things start with a plan. So you're half way there. I for one hate moving, just detest it. Probably because we have moved so many times. The economy caused us to down size and I am actually looking forward to moving again. But I Pray to be able to purchase a Foreclosed home for cash. I think I detest mortgages more than moving LOL.Goodluck! & GodBless!

  12. My home will be paid off soon here in the next few month! So happy, 15yrs payments and I can do a motgtage burning party! :) That said, my vehicle is on it's way out so it is time for a new car!

  13. It will all happen for sure! Just take it one step at a time and keep your eye on the goal.

    Good luck with all the little things - and when you are at the point of selling and house hunting...remember two things - 1. All it takes is ONE buyer and 2. If you lose the bid on a house remember, there is always another house.

    Relax and hope you can find a way to enjoy the process - great things are brewing and I imagine the future holds some pretty great things for your family!

  14. We're in almost the exact same boat. We bought our first house 6 yrs. ago and I always thought it would just be a starter home and we'd be out in five. But when the housing market collapsed and so did the thought of moving.

    We could definitely use more space but we're working with what we have and doing renovations until we can move. Of course if my husband's job moves him we'll have to find a way to sell. Good luck on your path to a new home!


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