Six Lovely Places to Find Free Fonts

Can you relate to my problem?
I love finding funky and fun fonts.
It is especially wonderful when they are FREE.
So I thought I would share my findings.

Here are Six Lovely Places to Find Free Fonts

Pages and pages of Free Fonts of all kinds.
Tons of handwriting fonts {my personal fave}.
HINT :: Look for the "Download All" button in the right sidebar.

Premium Quality Retro Fonts
HINT :: Look for tab on bottom that says "Free Silverware
that will take you to the Free Fonts.

View or download free sketches, quotes, and fonts to help you create your work.
New materials are added monthly.
HINT :: Use the menu options on the left to unlock more and more fonts.

Free fonts in every style and type.
HINT :: Click on the letters to the left to help you browse. Scroll all the way down for an "Ultimate Font Download" to get them all.

So many fonts, so little time.
HINT :: Search by the type of font you are looking for at the top.

Only the totally awesomest fonts.
HINT :: Use the handy dandy menu at top to browse by type or scroll all the way down for the "Ultimate Font Download" option.

Need help installing fonts? Check out this great font installing tutorial.
Now go create something amazing with all of your new fonts!


  1. Just tweeted this out. I too am a fontaholic.

  2. This is really great. I can't wait to try these great fonts.
    Returning the love from the blog hop.--Kat's Adventure Book

  3. Thanks, I was not aware of these places, very helpful post!!

  4. Awesome, and thanks! I'm always looking for new fonts.

    Apparently I'm a font-a-holic myself!

  5. Awesome. Thanks...I love getting free fonts!

  6. Oh yay!!!Never knew I could find these for free. Bookmarking this page now!!

  7. I love free fonts. Off to check these out. Thanks for tip.

  8. I'm addicted too ! I've just posted a bunch of FREE Halloween Fonts here : would appreciate any stumbles/ shares of it !! thanks !!


  9. Thanks for sharing! I book marked this.

  10. I love your page!
    Keep those entries coming!


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