How To Get Salon Perfect Nails At Home

Believe it or not, my readers have given me compliments on my nails!
They have seen me post photos like the one above and have complimented them!
So I decided to give you a step-by-step guide 
as to how I give myself at home manicures.
Yes I really do all of these steps about once every week and a half.
It is time consuming at first, but I always do my manicures while watching TV.
It goes by super quick and I am all finished and dried
by the end of an hour long show!
Here we go!

Step 1
Use all four sides of a 4 Way Nail Buffer.
#1 File Nail Edge #2 Remove Ridges #3 Smooth Surface #4 Super Shine

Step 2
to push back and moisturize your cuticles.

Step 3
Use Cuticle Nippers to clean up any cuticles or hangnails.

Step 5
Exfoliate with a Scrub. Moisturize with a Body Butter.
Both of these products are also perfect for pedicures!

Step 6
Revitalize your nails with a layer of Nail Life Revitalizer Treatment

Step 7
Add polish. I almost always use OPI.
Add two coats.

Step 8
This is by far my favorite nail product.
It is the best product ever to finish off a perfect manicure.
It gives a perfect shine and it makes the polish dry faster!

So there you have it!
Only 8 easy steps and you have yourself a perfect at home manicure!


  1. I agree, you do have great nails!

  2. Followed and stumbled your blog!

  3. You nails do look great. I can never seem to give myself a manicure without smudging it before the polish is dry

  4. I've been doing my own pedicures lately, but I still have a hard time with manicures. I always smudge them on something before they're dry. I'll have to give the Seche Vite a try.

  5. Thanks for the step by step...I need to do something with my nails.

  6. You do have gorgeous nails! I also do mine while watching TV. The part I always leave out, and need to start doing is the pushing back cuticles. I have some great oil so I'm set there. Also using the Scrub is a great idea! I'll be thinking of you next time I'm doing my nails! Thanks!


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