Reality TV Premiere Schedule {September}

Summer is coming to an end. Time for all of the great new fall shows to premiere. Here is what is starting in September in Reality-TV-Land so you can set your DVRs.

I know we are all wondering how Bravo is going to handle the unfortunate events that happened this summer. I am a HUGE Bravo fan and I think {hope} they will handle it with dignity.

The Rachel Zoe Project - September 6
I like, love Rachel Zoe! I can't wait to see all of the shenanigans leading up to baby Skyler. It is going to be ba-nan-as! Plus how is it going to be with no more Brad? Can't wait for this one!

Survivor - September 14
I don't watch Survivor. But for those who do it starts September 14. Nuff said.

Dancing With The Stars - September 19
I see lots of hating going on about the new cast but I like it! I am most excited about Carson Kressley (hilarious), Kristin Cavallari (yes, I watched The Hills), Ricki Lake (loved her talk show) and Rob Kardashian. Although I am not sure he will do well.

The Biggest Loser - September 20
Used to watch this but then it got old. 

The X Factor - September 21
Simon and Paula back together again? Yes please.

The Amazing Race - September 25
This is one of the best competition shows period. Love it.

Extreme Couponing - September 28
People either love or hate this show. I like it for the same reason people like the show Hoarders. It is the EXTREME!

I have been a committed fan of The Real World since season 1 back in New York with Eric and Julie. I have watched every season since. Boy has it changed!

What show are you looking most forward to watching this Fall?


  1. Wow you really get into reality TV. I have a handful that I can get into. My fav is Hell's Kitchen. Second is American Idol but how can they top last year.

  2. Oh my. Just seeing the words Eric and Real World bring back so many memories. Damn I loved me some Eric Nies!

    I'm looking forward to Housewives of Beverly Hills, Extreme Couponing, and Amazing Race.

    Do you know when Housewives of Atlanta come on?


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