My {Top Ten} Must Have Apps for iPhone

So it has been a few months now since I got my juicy iPhone 4 (in white of course). I took the plunge and went from Blackberry to iPhone. If you are having trouble deciding, my advice is go for it. I never imagined how much I would use my phone for so many other things besides phone calls and texting. The amazing apps that the iPhone offers makes it a no brainer for me. I LOVE finding new apps that make my life easy. But let's face it, some are just for fun! So here they are - my Top Ten must have apps for iPhone.

Yep, I am addicted. This game is so much fun. I love how often it gets updated with holiday versions and what not. Fun for folks of all ages. But beware it is highly addictive!

2. Web MD
I may be a hypochondriac. Possibly. Let's just say that every time I am feeling abnormal symptoms, I click on this handy app to see what I could possibly have come down with. 

My husband and I sleep with a fan when we are at home. When we travel, I have my own fan right inside this handy app. It also has sounds like beach waves, airplane and thunder storm. I love it.

This handy app lets you scan in all your customer loyalty cards. Then you can just open the app and let the cashier scan your phone! Gone are the days of carrying around tons of key cards! Another great feature is that it brings up offers that are associated with your card that you would have otherwise not known about! It is great!

My new favorite word game is Hanging With Friends! It is like hangman where you make and guess words from other players. I am also a big fan of Words With Friends which is kind of like Scrabble. If you like word games, you should give these a try! 

These are probably my two favorite camera apps. I love the look of old time Polaroids which Hipstamatic lets you create. Pocketbooth is like having your own photo booth in your pocket. The photos come out as strips and all. There are so many great photo apps. What are some of your favorites?

7. Shazam
Hate it when you hear a great song and wish you knew what it was? Just click on Shazam and let it have a listen. The song title and artist pops right up. I love it!

Okay so you are out shopping and you come across - let's say a new DVD player you want to buy. But you wonder if this store has the best price? Just scan the barcode. This app will tell you the price of that product in many local stores and online. You will always get the best deal!

9. iTV
It is no secret that I love TV. Especially reality TV. This app tells me all about upcoming shows and lets you find shows that you might have missed. It also has your local TV listings. 

As odd as it sounds I find myself using my iPhone as a flashlight quite often. This one is nice and bright and easy to control.

So there you have it. Those are the most used apps on my iPhone. What apps can you not live without?


  1. I agree with all of these! I never had Shop Savvy, but now I do :) Greta idea for a post.

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  3. thanks for sharing. i never heard of some of these and will check them out

  4. i think shop shavvy would be a great app...

  5. I love this list of apps and my two favorites are Key Ring and Shop Savy. I shall check these out more.

  6. its great to use your phone as a flashlight..

  7. Thanks for the list of apps . Theres alot of them that I like. The white noise one would be great alot of times. The words with friends we would like to and the flashlight one - you never know when you will need a flashlight- you always have one with your phone

  8. Great post! I use white noise all the time to help my kids sleep.


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