July 20, 2011

History of Rap Parts 1 & 2: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake {Must See}

I could watch this a zillion times! Love it!
If you are in your mid to late 30s like me - trust me -
you will enjoy this trip down memory lane!
If you have no clue what I am talking about just press play!
You won't be sorry!

{Start watching at 01:26 if ya want to skip the chit-chat}

Here is a list of the songs that are covered in the Part 2 video.

1 The Breaks :: Kurtis Blow 
2 The Message :: Grandmaster Flash 
3 Express Yourself :: NWA 
4 Bring The Noise :: Public Enemy 
5 It Takes Two :: Rob Base 
6 Push It :: Salt N Pepa 
7 Ice Ice Baby :: Vanilla Ice 
8 The Choice Is Yours :: Black Sheep 
9 Insane In The Membrane :: Cypress Hill 
10 Let Me Clear My Throat :: DJ Kool 
11 Party Up :: DMX 
12 Hot In Here :: Nelly 
13 In Da Club :: 50 Cent 
14 Hey Ya :: Outkast 
15 A Milli :: Lil Wayne 
16 All I Do Is Win :: DJ Khaled 
17 Teach Me How To Dougie :: Cali Swag 
18 BMF :: Rick Ross 
19 Biz Markie :: Just A Friend

But Wait! That's not all! You can now sit back and enjoy Part 1 from 2010.

Here is a list of the songs that are covered in the Part 1 video.

1 Rapper's Delight :: Suga Hill Gang 
2 Peter Piper :: Run DMC 
3 Paul Revere :: Beastie Boys 
4 Award Tour :: A Tribe Called Quest 
5 Humpty Dance :: Digital Underground 
6 Nothin But A G'Thang :: Snoop 
7 California Love :: 2 Pac 
8 Juicy :: Biggie Smalls 
9 The Seed :: The Roots 
10 Slimm Shady :: Emenim 
11 Work it :: Missy Elliott 
12 Crank That :: Solja Boy 
13 Live Your Life :: T.I. 
14 Gold Digger :: Kanye West 
15 NY State of Mind :: Jay-Z

Now if you'll excuse me - I'm off to make myself a mix tape!
{Guess they call it a "playlist" these days *sigh*}

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  1. I can't believe I missed this! Thanks for posting it... its awesome!

  2. Oh my goodness so glad you posted this. I saw last years and cracked up, but missed this recent one. Hilarious :-)


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