June 28, 2011

Upgrading Home Office Desks

If you ask me a corner desk is perfect! It offers great functionality and it makes sense when you think about the extra desk space you are getting. I have had a corner desk for years. It fits into my spare bedroom just perfectly. I have my computer monitor positioned right in the corner. This leaves the right and left side of the desk for anything else I need easy access to. On the left side I have a file folder tray with all of the things I need to do. On the right side I have my pens, calculator, post it notes, paper clips and everything else I need to keep within easy reach.

My corner desk is pretty old and I sometimes wonder how much longer it will last. It is going to need to be replaced sooner or later and I often wonder what I could replace it with since I love my current desk so much. 

I came across Bush office furniture. They have so many types of furniture available including filing cabinets, bookcases and of course, computer desks. I love keeping a bookcase close to my desk. I love how elegant it looks. It is also a great place to store important manuals and reading materials you would need to keep in an office. I really like this Birmingham 5 Shelf Wood Bookcase. 

As for the desk itself, the Bush Furniture Desk collection has many to choose from. My favorite thing about this Fairview desk is the hutch. This would be great to store stamps, envelopes, index cards and items you don't necessarily want on display. There is also a matching filing cabinet available.

As a blogger, I need an office that is well organized that makes use of the small space I have available. That is why I may look to this popular office brand when I am ready to purchase a new desk. My office is honestly one of my favorite rooms in the house. I want to be able to choose items that are affordable and reliable to furnish it with.

What is your favorite thing about your home office?

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