She Bop ... I Mean She Hops {Top Ten Tuesday}

I am linking up with Top Ten Tuesday over at Oh Amanda!

So today I am going to continue my blog post from yesterday
and list my Top 10 Favorite Albums of the 80's.

As I said this is part two.
So you need to read my post from yesterday to get #1-4.

Here are the rest:

#5 Arena - Duran Duran
I can't even begin to imagine how many times I listened to "Hungry Like a Wolf"
I remember I saved up my allowance so I could buy this album from K-Mart.
It was the 2nd cassette I ever owned.

#6 Tiffany - Tiffany
Out of the Blue - Debbie Gibson
Okay so I put two together. But they go together! 
They may have been rivals, but to me their co-existence on the radio was bliss!
Oh to be a pre-teen in 1987.

#7 Kick - INXS
This is when I started liking a little less pop and a little more rock.
I still listen to this album quite often. A classic.

#8 Hangin' Tough - New Kids on the Block
If you could have only seen my bedroom wall in 1988.
It was covered in NKOTB. Especially Joe!

#9 Faith - George Michael
Every song on this album is good. I love it when that happens!

#10 The Joshua Tree - U2
To this day, U2 is my favorite band.
Let us take a moment and admire Bono on the roof singing 
"Where the Streets Have No Name" - sigh. I heart Bono.

What are your favorite albums from the 80's?


  1. Ahh. Tiffany and that video at the mall. lol I loved NKOTB :)

  2. I bought my sister a huge promotional Cyndi Lauper poster back in the day. She liked it, but I liked it more!

    Fun list!

    INXS, sigh, they were a ROCK band!

  3. As a true 80's addict, I agree these are all great albums, I can't pick my favorite!!! I remember rocking out to She Bop with my girlfriends too. Such good memories! Stop by and visit if you get a chance!

  4. Newest follower from the hop:) Check me out at whenever you can

  5. Hi im stopping by from blog hop Im a new follower from the uk
    please come visit me anytime

  6. Too many to list...visiting from the hop! But will have to mention one of my faves, still today...New Order "Substance 1987" still sounds fresh today :) Thanks for the post!

  7. Aw yeah! Another 80's ladies after my own heart:) How about Madonna's Like a Prayer? Skates in under the wire at 1989, but still. And I LOVED the soundtracks from Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful.
    Ah, memories.

  8. I was just listening to that Duran Duran album yesterday -- it never gets old. My girls love it too!


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