Pinterest: Yep, There's An App For That!

Happy Day!

Pinterest, my new obsession, has an iPhone app!

It is FREE and you can download it {here}.

I just downloaded it on my iPod Touch.
It is VERY easy to use!

Take a peek at My Pinterest if anyone is intrested.

Do you Pintrest? Leave your link in the comments!
I would love to see what "Pinterests" you!


  1. excited!! Thanks for the tip!


  2. I will be completely honest Lesli - never once have I checked out Pinterest. Two reasons - I've spaced it. AND I looked for an app like 2 weeks ago (since everyone seems to LOVE Pinterest), and evidentally I didn't spell it right because I found it as I read this post. I hate LOVING something but it not being phone accessible. SO - I'm going to finally go check it out! ;)

  3. That looks like a very fun new toy for you. You always share bling here and Pinterest is like bling central.

  4. Thank you for stopping by our blog at the alexa hop. Have a great weekend


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