Follow Friday

This week’s statements:

1. I always wanted to get an iPhone and I did it!
This week I got my first iPhone. Hey iPhone, where have you been all my life?!

2. One of favorite things about my spouse / significant other is how goofy he is.
He is always joking around and making me laugh. I could not be with someone that was always serious. I would be so bored!

3. The craziest (most daring) thing I did in High School/College skip lunch.
Yes skipping lunch in High School was my big daring thing. I was a goody goody and I did not break the rules!

4. I couldn't make it through a day without see #1.
Totally addicted to that baby.

Now for some hopping!

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  1. I got an iPhone for Mother's Day and was immediately obsessed!!! I can't believe I survived without it! LOL!

    Newest follower!

    Jill @ Skinny Bean

  2. Hi,


    I'm Amy from Cherie Girl (where EVERYone is fabulous). I'm you newest follower on your blog :-D I hope you can follow back XOXO

  3. Hi! Following you from the Friday blog hop! Hope you visit my Cajun blog and return the follow!
    - Jessica @

  4. I have T-Mobile's MyTouch and I love it! Except that I downloaded Angry Birds and now I have a new addiction. LOL

  5. Isn't it amazing how addicted we get to our phones? I am getting the droid on Monday and am a little scared considering how addicted I am already am to my blackberry! I was a goody too!

  6. Great Blog. Following from the social hop. Neww to this and to blogging. Please follow me back.


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