The Royal Wedding Schedule

Anyone else counting down the hours till the Royal Wedding? The Time News Feed has a nice schedule of when things will be happening in US time zones. You're welcome.

I can't wait to watch. All of the traditions surrounding the wedding are so interesting. Oh and not to mention can't wait to see all the glitz and glamour!


  1. I have no idea why i am so thrilled with this wedding, i'm itching with excitement.

  2. Oooh me too! I love Kate and Wills!

    Your blog is super sweet and I now follow! I hope you will come visit mine, and if you like it, follow back! :)

    Have a great weekend watching the Royal Wedding!

    Sar xx

  3. I really have no interest - except I do want to see Kate's dress

  4. I think they are a cute couple.


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