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{This week’s statements - Fill In The Blank}

1. Despite the fact that I should know better, I still always buy way too much from the clearance aisles at Target.

2. I get a stomach ache when I am worried.

3. I always forget too much to fit on this little line. I have a horrible memory.

4. Disney World is the best! I would go there every year if I could afford it!

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  1. I get a stomach ache too (although, sometimes I get a headache instead). I only went to Disney once... For 1 day. I really need to go back!

  2. I love clearance aisles too! As a matter of fact, you just reminded me that I should go check them out now! LOL

  3. Looks like the memory thing is a common problem!
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  4. Target clearance is bad news! lol. We have been talking about Disney World but are waiting for the kiddos

  5. Hopping over from Feeling Beachie! Target is evil. They should rename it, 'Never leave without spending less than $100 Store'.

  6. I enjoyed your answers. I don't shop. Disney is one of daughter's clients so she has to fly there nearly every week. It's a wonderful place for families. We don't have a target store. We should be getting one soon. I've only been in one twice. Doylene


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