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Fashionably late but here goes:

1. My kitchen secret is I can't cook. Like it is so bad. So I actually really hate being in the kitchen. I would rather be anywhere else!

2. Cake batter {Coldstone} is my favorite flavor of ice cream. 

3. My favorite pair of socks finally wore out. I am picky about socks. They need to be cute {usually striped} and just tight enough to be cozy.

4. If I could have just one more day in the weekend I would get so much more done!

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  1. Hi Lesli! My husband was just saying the same thing today about needing another weekend day!

    I'm happy to be a new follower of yours from the Blog Hop! I'd love it if you followed me too (if you haven't yet)!

    When you stop by, please check out my current giveaway for some great Eco Ellie's products. Tomorrow is the last day to enter!

  2. Thanks for joining the hop! Fashionably late is always great! I LOVE your header!!! Another weekend day would be amazing! I am so bad with socks. I usually keep wearing them even if they have holes. My husband once looked at a pair I was wearing and asked if we suddenly became penniless - yes, they were that bad!


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