Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 3

This is such a cute idea. Get all the info about this "31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge" here. I found this while blog hopping today. How Fun!!

My Favorite TV Shows

I was just chatting with another blogger about how much we love this show. Hate what they are doing to Crosby's character right now but hopefully we can like him again soon. :D

Modern Family
This show cracks me up more than any other show I have ever watched. Cam is my fave!

Any of The Real Housewives
If I had to pick I think New York would be my favorite! Can't wait for it to come back. Not sure about Miami yet but I am watching nonetheless. Oh and P.S. I just love Bravo period.

And now ... a moment for shows I have loved in the past ...

Amazing and I miss you. What more can I say?

My So Called Life
This show meant everything to me in the 90s. Love love love! :D


  1. I love Parenthood its such a good show!!! I'm your newest follower... visit my page and follow me at


  2. Parenthood is my number one too :)

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  4. My So Called Life is still one of my all time favorite shows - I hated that they ended it the way they did! What would have happened if there was another season? Would Brian have gotten the girl? Man, I miss that show!

    I am your newest follower from The Social Parade. I'd appreciate it if you could follow back at Dropped Stitches. Thanks bunches!

  5. Also a fan of Modern Family. I'm following you back!

  6. I miss Lost too!! I watched all the seasons on Hulu right after my first was born. Following you back from Mommy's Peanut Gallery, thanks for stopping by!

  7. Thanks for stopping over and following. We do have a lot in common!!! I love all of those shows too. I'm going to watch My So Called Life on Netflix soon!!! Can't wait to read more! Following you back.

  8. Thanks for coming by and following me for your comment! I am returning the favor! I haven't seen any of these shows but this looks like a great challenge!!


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