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Pixi Beauty Week | Day 5 | Rose-Infused Beauty

Grab some rose because we are talkin' rose-infused skincare treats today! You will boost your complexion's radiance on a hydrated journey to dreamy skin. Rose extract is known for anti-inflammatory benefits, while rose oil can be quite hydrating. Antioxidant and skin-conditioning properties are a few more of the benefits of rose-based skincare. Not to mention, rose in any form smells good!

In the order, let's start with makeup removal using Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths. These pre-moistened cleansing cloths effortlessly dissolve makeup while balancing skin. I love using a makeup wipe when I am on the go. They gently remove even waterproof formulas in one easy step. Each soft cloth is infused with chamomile and rose oil to calm skin.

Next, we need to clean our skin using Rose Cream Cleanser. This nourishing cream cleanser will cleanse, calm and condition skin. Enriched with natural botanicals to nourish and fortify, this soothing, gentle cleanser effectively strengthens and softens. A triple threat - Rose Flower Oil moisturizes, Chamomile soothes, and Avocado Oil conditions!

Naturally soothing and skin-balancing, Rose Tonic is a rose-infused favorite. Rich in nutrients, this rose tonic helps to tone, balance pH, minimize redness and calm skin. Use it to normalizes hydration levels and gently remove any impurities. It rehydrates, replenishes and refreshes!

Now it is time to indulge in Rose Caviar Essence. Hydrate and restore brightness with the encapsulated fresh flower oils in this weightless serum-essence. You can actually see the concentrated flower oils! Delivering fresh botanicals to nourish and hydrate, this essence works to restore skin's brightness for rosy radiance.

Delight in the 3-in-1 radiance-boosting Rose Flash Balm. The quick-absorbing formula instantly moisturizes and brightens. This skin booster works as a great as a revitalizing mask as well as a primer to prep skin for perfect makeup application. The radiance-boosting balm is an ultimate pick-me-up for tired, lackluster skin helping with signs of fatigue.

Rose Ceramide Cream is a rich moisturizer enriched with ceramides and rose oil to deeply hydrate the skin. Antioxidant-rich botanicals help to improve skin’s elasticity while protecting against environmental aggressors. Rose flower oil nourishes and restores, while ceramides provide time-release moisture. It quickly absorbs, improving skin’s elasticity for a more youthful appearance. 

Pixi's Rose Oil Blend is infused with a powerful complex of youth-preserving oils to help improve skin's elasticity and glow. Sweet almond, rosehip, and jojoba oils work together to create a moisturized barrier on the skin. This nourishing face oil rejuvenates, restores, and renews luminosity. I love to add a few drops of luxury to my skincare regimen using this gentle formula.

Makeup Fixing Mist is an all-over makeup setting spray that prolongs makeup wear and keeps it from moving, melting, and settling into fine lines or pores. It is so refreshing! The rose water and green tea infused formula comforts, protects and balances skin for a fresh face. Don't skip this step because it not only sets makeup but also adds a soft-focus finish. 

Finally, Rose Glow Mist is packed with seven flower oils, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. This dual-phase elixir leaves skin with a natural glow. It moisturizes the skin, improves elasticity, and provides free radical protection. Rose oil, argan oil, and avocado oil work together to moisturize, smooth, and add radiance to your skin. Give it a good shake and spritz on anywhere to improve elasticity and add a dewy finish!

Rose-infused skincare products from Pixi use different forms of this skin-loving ingredient. Rosewater balances the skin. Rose extract soothes and minimizes redness. Rose geranium helps to hydrate. Damascus rose revitalizes. Rosehip oil moisturizes. Rose-infused skincare is even suitable for all skin types!

Stylish Gift Guide For The Groomsmen

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There's a lot of essential preparations that go into the average wedding. You need to think about picking a venue, writing out a guest list, picking cute attire for yourselves and the wedding party, hiring the right DJ and photographer and selecting a convenient time and location for those kind enough to attend are all significant, make-or-break calls that don't leave much in the way of room for error.

The good news is that, in the grand scheme of all these other razor’s edge decisions, there is one thing where you have a safe margin of error if you go wrong: gifts for the groomsmen. That’s not to say you can intentionally give them junk or skip it altogether, but in general, most men aren’t going to hold it against you for the rest of their lives if you get them something lame.

That said, even though the consequences of failure aren't especially staggering, you should still put in an excellent effort to get your groomsmen some kind of quality gift as a token of the occasion. After all, they probably spent a whole lot of money suiting up, throwing your bachelor party, traveling if you are having a destination wedding and a whole host of other official duties.

With all that in mind, the least you can do is recognize the efforts they’ve made on your behalf, and get them something that will put a smile on their faces. You don’t have to go broke doing it (especially given everything else you’ve spent money on for the wedding), but here are some stylish ideas for things you can get your groomsmen to thank them for being a part of your special day.


Pixi Beauty Week | Day 4 | Skintreats

I'm back with more Pixi Beauty favorites for you. From fabulous collaborations to lovely lashes and liners to sensational skincare, here is what is new, cool, and pretty from Pixi Beauty! But today, it's all about skintreats!

Need a summer skin renewal? Skintreats include skincare goodies from the Pixi Beauty line. Use these to detoxify, peel, polish, and bring out your inner infamous Pixi glow! Start your skintreats routine by prepping your skin with Peel & Polish.

Infused with natural fruit enzymes and sugar extract, Peel & Polish gently exfoliates and polishes complexion, lifting away dullness. This radiance revealing enzyme peel resurfaces for smoother, softer skin, and a healthy looking glow. Use it 2-3 times a week. Leave it on for 2 minutes to let the enzymes activate. Then wash away your dull skin! It is a summer must-have.

Instantly reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles while moisturizing and soothing your eye area with DetoxifEYE hydrogel eye patches. Containing hyaluronic acid and caffeine, they provide a soothing effect. In the summer months, my eyes get so dry and itchy from the sun. Hydrogel patches infuse the delicate eye area with hydration. Use chilled for an extra depuffing effect!


Pixi Beauty Week | Day 3 | Eye Reflections Shadow Palette

I have been diving into Pixi Beauty lately and I have so many favorites to share with you. So each day this week, I will be highlighting my current Pixi Beauty faves! So without further ado, from fabulous collaborations to lovely lashes and liners to sensational skincare, here is what is new, cool, and pretty from Pixi Beauty!

I have quite a few Pixi Beauty Eyeshadow palettes. Overall, I would say Pixi's formulation of eyeshadow is creamy, pigmented, and smooth. So I was quite excited to try an Eye Reflections Palette, particularly Reflex Light. I was sent a second palette, but unfortunately, it arrived crushed. So just based on the one that I did try, it is stunning!

This 12-hue eyeshadow palette consists of blendable and highly-pigmented metallic shades. Metallic shades are perfect for a summer eye look. The colors are neutral, yet still have the potential to add loads of dimension and luster.


Pixi Beauty Week | Day 2 | Multi Toning Essentials

I have been diving into Pixi Beauty lately and I have so many favorites to share with you. So each day this week, I will be highlighting my current Pixi Beauty faves! So without further ado, from fabulous collaborations to lovely lashes and liners to sensational skincare, here is what is new, cool, and pretty from Pixi Beauty!

Today we will talk about using Pixi Beauty Tonics to create the perfect multi-toning routine for your skin. I received these cute tiny bottles of Glow Tonic and Rose Tonic. They will allow me to take my toning with me why I travel. But first, let's discuss why we should use toning products in our skincare routine.