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August 18, 2014

Mally Beauty Believable Bronzer :: Review

I am back with another awesome product from Mally - love her! Summer tans will fade away but you can keep that glow going with Mally Beauty Believable Bronzer. It is a one-stop professional makeup system that gives you an effortless, sun-kissed glow.

The secret to achieving a "believable bronzer" is in using these three powders to achieve that glow-from-within look. You will get a tanning powder for all over color, a shimmer to highlight, and a beautiful sun-kissed shade that's designed to make your cheeks glow. Unlike traditional bronzers, there is no shimmer in Mally Beauty’s bronzer formula. Instead, the bronzer works in tandem with a warm blush and a sheer shimmer. This allows you to apply color and highlights specific areas of your face, as the sun naturally does, instead of all over. Shades are available in Lighter and Deeper.

Believable Bronzer is another Mally Beauty product that I just love! This system is truly the answer for that sun-kissed skin that looks naturally tan – but doesn't require an aloe bath! This product really works! You can watch the video below for a tutorial. The brushes are all included making it a cinch to use. Everything glides on smoothly and no you won't look orange or like you fake baked after using it! I will definitely be using Believable Bronzer to take my tan from summer to fall.

Top of the Class Collection from Salon Perfect :: Review

Salon Perfect's Top of the Class Collection starts with a nail art history lesson on the 60's. Give your manicure a retro vibe with multi-colored geometric nails. Groovy polka dots were huge in the 60's - add a modern twist with shades of pink and red paired with a Mad About Mod topped accent nail.

From left to right (below) :: Mad About Mod, Spot On, Flower Power

Class continues with a nail art history lesson on the 70's. Super glam, the top trend of the 70's revolved around the glitter ball of decadent disco. Never subtle, the look is bright and vibrant, distilled in a few simple words: flash, fun and glitter.

From left to right (below) :: Disco Ballin', Disco Diva, Foxy Lady

Class concludes with a nail art history lesson on the 80's. Whether cruising for boys while rocking your leggings and scrunchies or spending the summer finally solving that Rubik's Cube, there is no place for subtle manis and pedis with this collection of geometric top coats and bright, bold neon shades.

From left to right (below) :: Ruby's Cubes, Crystal Clear, Square Pegs

If you like to experiment with top coats, this is the collection from Salon Perfect is for you! The nail lacquers in this collection are available now at select Walmart stores nationwide for $3.98 each.

Connect :: Visit salonperfect.com to check out their collections of on-trend nail lacquers. You can connect with Salon Perfect via Facebook and Twitter.

August 17, 2014

EmerginC Coconut-Argan Body Oil :: Review

Has summer left your skin parched? We love our fun in the sun during summer season. However, prolonged sun exposure leads to sunburn and sun-parched skin. I reviewed a great product that can help. EmerginC's Scientific Organics Coconut-Argan Body Oil is infused with nourishing coconut oil, argan oil, sunflower oil, rosehip, vitamin E and jojoba oil, making it an excellent post-sun product pick. Coconut-argan body oil will help restore natural moisture balance, fight free radicals from summer rays while leaving skin with a healthy, radiant glow. I love using it out of the shower. The moisture just absorbs right in and leaves my skin smooth, silky, and hydrated. 

Parched skin is only going to get worse with winter peeking at us from around the corner. I found that EmerginC Coconut-Argan Body Oil helped replenish and lock-in moisture, while also giving me a nice glow. It feels very soothing on dry or sunburned skin. It has a light coconut scent too. Great product!

Karin Herzog Finest Chocolate Cleansing :: Review

Have you ever cleansed your face with chocolate? Yes, I said chocolate. I have. The Chocolate Collection from Karin Herzog allows you to indulge in delicious Swiss chocolate, without the calories, while nourishing skin from the outside in.

Finest Chocolate Cleansing removes all traces of cosmetics and impurities with a professional grade, dual action cleanser and makeup remover. Formulated with pure essential oils, the Finest Chocolate Cleansing helps to unclog pores, dissolve impurities and remove waterproof makeup, while conditioning the skin. It really does smell and look like liquid chocolate. It feels like it on your face too - kind of sticky and thick. But, after washing it off, you end up with skin that is thoroughly clean. It removes even the toughest makeup. The oil based formula literally melts away stale make up, including water-proof mascara, dirt and pollution, and leaves the skin visibly cleansed, amazingly soft and smelling divine. For a deeply indulgent experience, the cleanser contains luxurious Swiss chocolate for a sweet scent and extra hydration, leaving the complexion supple, soft and radiant. I recommend giving it a try if you want to sweeten up your skin care routine!

Magic Minerals :: Review

I like the idea of mineral makeup. It is known for making your skin look even, polished and not cakey. Magic Minerals is mineral makeup in the form of a mineral powder compact. Some other brands are quite messy, and this brand makes it easy to apply without the mess.

The kit comes with the compact, brush, blending sponge and mascara. I thought the brush was pretty low in quality, so I have not been using it. I do like using the blending sponge. It is great for touching up problem areas and ensuring a more full coverage look. Another thing I really like about mineral makeup in general, is the light feeling you have after it is applied. That cakey feeling from foundation can be awful, especially in the summer. Magic Minerals feels soft and you almost forget that you have it on.

Magic Minerals was designed by makeup artist Jerome Alexander. He developed Magic Minerals, a pressed ultra-fine mineral powder compact. Magic Minerals is the alternative approach to mineral makeup that delivers flawless coverage resulting in healthy-looking and glowing skin. The new Magic Minerals is now enhanced with nourishing antioxidants vitamin E and vitamin C in a proprietary formula with four different color-correcting specks; pink, mint, lavender and yellow.

A Teacher Must Have Tieks

It is an endless struggle to find footwear that is professional, comfortable and cute! Teachers are on our feet all day long. Anything with heels is totally not an option. Some districts also require you to wear closed toe shoes. Okay, that leaves out cute sandals. What is left? Loafers? How boring! No. How about Tieks?

Special delivery! When you get your Tieks in the mail, you feel like you are getting something extra special. The packaging is everything! So in case you still have no idea what Tieks are, Tieks by Gavrieli are the ballet flat reinvented. They define themselves as being the most versatile designer flats in the world. They are made of the finest Italian leathers and designed to fold and fit in a purse. The important part for teachers is that they are wearable all day, every day.

Fun Facts About Tieks :: 
  • Tieks are made from 100% premium, soft, full-grain leather. The upper of each pair of Tieks comes from a single piece of leather. The upper is designed to wrap around the foot to slim and elongate it.
  • The signature Tiek Blue stripe and Tiek Blue rubber patches accent each pair of Tieks.
  • The back of Tieks are cushioned rather than elasticized to ensure your Tieks are never too tight on your heel.
  • The non-skid rubber patches and cushioned instep assure comfort with each step, so you can wear Tieks all day, every day. The thick padding of the space foam cushion ensures a safe and comfortable heel strike.
  • The brown leather outsole on each pair of Tieks is treated and coated to be flexible, and yet more durable and sturdy than regular full-grain leathers. 
  • Each pair of Tieks comes with a compact pouch to compress your folded Tieks when they are in your purse.

I have been wearing my Tieks all over the place this summer. I chose Matte Black to keep things as versatile as possible, but they have some of the cutest colors ever like Fuchsia, Tiek Blue and Tangerine. I really want to try a fun patent pair for my next purchase.

For teachers, or anyone who is looking for cute comfort, you won't regret trying a pair of Tieks!

August 16, 2014

SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap Purse :: Review

Cool product alert! Girls night out? Sporting event? Concert? There are so many great ways to finish off the summer. But carrying a handbag is not always practical, or even allowed. This is your solution. The SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap Purse is the perfect solution for any situation where you don't want the burden of carrying a handbag.

SHOLDIT is a traditional infinity scarf with a big secret! It contains a hidden zipper pocket perfectly sized to carry all of your essentials on the sly. Just slip your keys, wallet, phone, tickets, or whatever you need, into the secret pocket and you're hands-free for the fun! Even better, you don't have to worry about setting your handbag down on grimy floors.

The lightweight, breathable fabric makes SHOLDIT an essential accessory for sporting events, or any other preferably hands-free environment like concerts, theme parks and traveling. Handbags and purses are a woman's best friend, but they can also be our worst enemy.

I reviewed the Basic Clutch Wrap Purse in Raven. I love the photos that show you all of the ways you can wear your SHOLDIT! This style is lightweight, making it perfect for year round. Although this style can't be worn as a cross body, it does allow for three style ideas, plus is also folds into a clutch! It is like fashion origami!

I love to travel, and I can see this being a perfect solution for traveling. Airlines put so many limits on bags, so why not eliminate one?! You can pack your handbag into your carry on luggage, and stick the essentials in your SHOLDIT. I am also planning on using my SHOLDIT for concerts and sporting events!

Oversized or heavy purses pose serious risk for injury to the back, neck, and shoulders. It can even lead to serious nerve damage or degenerative joint disease! That's right; slinging your gorgeous Marc Jacobs bag over your shoulder every day is damaging your muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments. So, how can a stylish woman carry her day-to-day essentials without lugging a handbag? By rocking a SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse!

Keranique Volumizing Conditioner & Amplifying Lift Spray :: Review

Keranique is a clinical proven advanced solution for women with thinning, flat, lifeless hair. Engineered specifically for women, these products have been proven to deliver outstanding results for all hair types. This is my first time trying any products from Keranique.

The first product I tried is the Keranique Volumizing Conditioner. This lightweight, daily conditioner leaves a protective keratin layer along the hair’s cuticle, helping to thicken strands and repair the outer protective layer to mend split ends, reduce breakage and restore strength and shine. It is enriched with a hydrolyzed keratin compound. This creates a barrier between your hair and the environment, helping to protect hair against problems caused by humidity and heat. I felt that it improved manageability, detangling and conditioning without weighing my hair down. It also has a nice stimulating effect when you apply it! That must be the Vitaplex Laminaria Digitata Extract & Carrageenan which helps contribute to scalp energy and vitality in the hair follicle.

The second product I tried is the Keranique Amplifying Lift Spray. When you’re ready for last minute fun-in-the-sun, Keranique Amplifying Lift Spray helps boost beach waves while protecting against UV-rays. I found that it works quite well for styling. It adds instant volume, lift, fullness, body and bounce to lackluster hair. I love that it is infused with Keranique Keratin Amino Complex, which helps protect the hair from hair styling and contains sunscreen to help protect against UV-rays.

The Jupiter Ascending Collection from Pur Minerals :: Review

Pür Minerals has created an exclusive, limited edition collection for the film, Jupiter Ascending starring Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum. The Jupiter Ascending Collection was designed to help you achieve the flawless on-screen looks! I love these colors! It is perfect for a fall color palette.

Designed for great and extraordinary things, Jupiter Jones turns celestial dreams into reality. Recreate her signature look with six exclusive eye shadow shades, pout-enhancing lip gloss and liquid precision eyeliner.

Available exclusively at ULTA and ULTA.com, this out of this world collection is a steal at just $29! It includes six eye shadows, a galaxy lighted lip gloss and a space eyeliner. Six stunning shades of shadow from subtle neutral to dramatic shimmer help you get Jupiter’s striking look. The talc-free eye shadows come in matte, satin, and metallic textures for a wide range of looks from day to night. These are awesome shades. I really love the shades Jupiter and Caine. They blend perfectly and allow for flawless application.

Housed in futuristic light-up packaging, the iridescent gloss in Galaxy (pink) comes with a built-in touch-up mirror for beauty on the go. I love the light and touch-up mirror! This is one great lip gloss. The liquid precision eyeliner in Space (an inky black) features a user-friendly felt tip for easy application. Get sharp, clean definition for flawless eyes with this daily must-have. The tip is perfect to create bold lines. I am having fun experimenting with it!

You can connect with Pür Minerals on Facebook and Twitter. Check out the video below for daytime and nighttime Jupiter Collection application tips! Purchase The Jupiter Ascending Collection for $29 from ULTA.com.

How Teachers Use #IntelTablets for Back to School

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

In case you didn't realize it, I am a teacher. The end of summer means preparing for the next school year. I just re-joined the Intel Tablet Crew and received this awesome Acer Iconia Tab 8 to review. It isn't even out yet - so I am one of the first ones to use it! It came just in time. Intel Tablets can be so helpful for teachers! As I still try to enjoy my last weeks of summer vacation, I do always have Back to School on my mind.

I love the size of this tablet! It comes in a very portable yet very user-friendly size. As you can see, it is perfect size to take everywhere. It has Intel inside, which means that all of the multimedia will run fast, thanks to its Intel Atom Z3745 quad-core processor. Portability is important. You never know when you will think of something that you want to look up, or document for your Back to School planning.

Teachers Pay Teachers is one of my favorite sites for resources and ideas. I found out that I could just download the app on my new tablet which makes searching really simple. This 3rd Grade Interactive Reading Notebook is one of my favorite purchases.

I have been exploring ways that I can use the tablet in my classroom. I found the Too Noisy App and I think it might be perfect to use with noisy third graders! If the noise level is acceptable, a happy smiley face is displayed. If the levels of noise increase beyond what I have determined as acceptable, the graphic changes to reflect the unacceptable noise level. Once the level of noise returns to an acceptable level, the graphic automatically returns to the happy contented one. I think they will love this - and I will too! Shhhh!

The Pinterest app is a must-have for any teacher - or any blogger for that matter. I love browsing Back to School ideas and pinning them to my For the Classroom board! I pinned over 100, and now is the time to really figure out which ideas I want to implement from day one.

So many ideas, so little time. If I think of something I have to accomplish before school begins, I add it to a checklist in an easy to use app, like this one. This is a perfect example of  how important the portability of a tablet is. It fits in my purse. You always want to have it, because you never know when you will need to add to the list.

Photos! My tablet also takes amazing photos! Its dual front and rear cameras capture all of life’s moments. They also capture photos of my VERY empty classroom. I snapped some photos, then I used the PicsArt Studio app to jot down what I wanted to do with the empty spaces. I am a visual person, so this really works well for me!

As you can see, my Acer Iconia Tab 8 has really come in handy for this teacher! Now you know how I am spending my last weeks of summer! How are you spending yours? I hope that you are really enjoying it and making the best out of what is left!


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