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September 18, 2014

Clear Proof Acne System from Mary Kay :: Review and Giveaway

The Clear Proof Acne System, giveaway and information, have been provided by Mary Kay. All opinions are 100% my own!

I still get occasional acne. groan. Luckily, I can count on Mary Kay to bring us the Clear Proof Acne System. Finally ... I feel like I don't have to visit the teen section of the beauty aisle to pick up my acne products. This is a very skin friendly system for all ages. Best of all, it works people!

Mary Kay knows that the key to a clear complexion is using a skin care regimen that uses combination salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide as its acne fighting ingredients. The Clear Proof Acne System from Mary Kay is just that. The salicylic acid exfoliates dead skin while the benzoyl peroxide reduces bacteria. Together, these ingredients visibly reduce the number of acne blemishes, their severity, and prevent new pimples from forming. The system includes a Clarifying Cleansing Gel, Blemish Control Toner, Acne Treatment Gel and an Oil-Free Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin. As a system, they all work together to attack acne in multiple ways. This not only clears up existing acne, but also helps keep future acne from forming in the first place. To use, you just follow these four easy steps.

  1. The Clarifying Cleansing Gel gives the skin a deep clean, removing dirt, excess oil and impurities. The salicylic acid formula helps to reduce the shine and unclog pores to help achieve clearer skin.
  2. The Blemish Control Toner removes dead skin cells to help keep pores from clogging and prevent new pimples from forming. The salicylic acid-based formula cleanses skin completely to help tighten pores and appear less noticeable to give you healthy, clearer skin.
  3. The Acne Treatment Gel penetrates and clears pores to target bacteria and visible reduce a pimples redness. The benzoyl peroxide product absorbs bacteria quickly to help reduce the number of pimples, and allows the skin to heal and prevent future breakouts.
  4. The Oil Free Moisturizer is a fast- absorbing, lightweight, non-pore-clogging formula that helps provide your skinniest the balanced hydration it needs. The formula helps control shine and excess oil to leave skin feeling nourished and healthier.

Let’s face it - acne can be a struggle at any age - but it doesn't have to be! If you are like me and you have acne-prone skin, then you’re no stranger to bumps, blemishes, and blotches. Wouldn't you love a skin care system that helps keep breakouts at bay? Here are a few things I personally love about the Clear Proof Acne System from Mary Kay.
  1. It is gentle on the skin. There is no burning or strong smells that make you want to pass out.
  2. I can easily wear makeup over these products. They don't leave me with a sticky residue.
  3. My skin stays hydrated without any excessive drying or flakiness.
  4. It works. I had noticeable results in just a few days.

Mary Kay is giving my readers a chance to win their own Clear Proof Acne System! I hope you will love it as much as I do!

Turn Your Shower Into a Spa :: ESSIO Shower Review and Giveaway

I love trying new products that help me relax and ESSIO is definitely one of them! ESSIO is a unique and one of a kind item that transforms the everyday shower into a personal spa. It's an affordable luxury and it will make your shower amazing! Let's face it, my weekday showers are pretty much get in and out and ready for work. But for my weekend showers, I really like to unwind and enjoy the relaxation.

ESSIO easily attaches to virtually any shower and works with disposable aromatherapy pods, which slowly release a blend of organic essential oils into the shower water to create a luxurious aromatic effect. Pods twist easily into place and create aroma once tilted into the water stream. Each pod lasts approximately 3-5 showers. I wish you could smell through the screen because it smells incredible! Check out this video to learn more about the ESSIO Aromatherapy Shower Diffuser.


I found this product extremely easy to install. It took me just a few minutes to get the entire starter kit set up, and with no tools! The attachment arm clips onto the standard shower pipe that is in most showers. The pod snaps onto place on the end and extend over the shower head into the water, instantly creating aroma. Each pod will last around 3-5 showers on average, but you can get more out of each pod by tilting the device up and saving for later.

The oils are 100% USDA-certified organic and there are no synthetics or harsh chemicals used whatsoever. There are multiple benefits associated with aromatherapy including reduced inflammation, increased blood circulation, reduced stress and improved mental well-being. After I used my ESSIO, I felt amazing! It really changed the whole shower experience into one that was serene and lovely.

No, the oil does not spray into the shower. The oil is slowly diffused using patented technology so you get a consistent aroma experience throughout the shower. No oily residue will go on the skin, hair or bath. You just get pure aromatherapy. The scents that come with the starter kit are fabulous. Breathe (decongests and opens), Passion (awakens desire), and Unwind (relieves stress). My favorite is unwind. It really relaxes me and I feel the stress just melting away.

There is an ESSIO Giveaway happening right now! Don't miss your chance to be one of five lucky winners who will receive their own ESSIO Aromatherapy Shower Kit!

Crest #SensiStopStrips :: Review and Giveaway

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Crest. My opinions are 100% my own!

Do you struggle with tooth sensitivity problems? I know I do. I can't bite into anything cold without feeling that awful shooting pain through my teeth. I love ice cream and smoothies, so this has become quite a problem. Have your teeth ever ached after eating something too hot or too cold? I was so happy to have the chance to try Crest Sensi-Stop Strips! Crest uses a new breakthrough technology to provide you with tooth sensitivity relief in the form of a strip, not a paste. The strips are so easy to place, and there’s no measuring or guesswork required. The best part? Using just one Crest Sensi-Stop Strip for just ten minutes can lead to up to one whole month of protection! You can't get much better than that!

I have tried toothpastes that promise to help with tooth sensitivity. The problem is that they don't deliver the other features I like in my toothpaste. They also tend to work for only a very short period of time. After using the Sensi-Stop Strips just once, I am still experiencing relief! It is awesome! I am celebrating with ice cream and other cold foods that I did not get to enjoy before.

You can find new Crest Sensi-Stop Strips at an everyday low price at Walmart. Just follow these simple steps to use for up to one month of protection!
  • Step 1 | Find It: Identify exactly where you feel the “zing”
  • Step 2 | Stick It: Place 50% of the strip over the gum and 50% over the tooth
  • Step 3 | Relieve It: In 10 minutes remove the strip. Relief lasts up to 1 month

Crest and She Speaks is giving you the chance to win a $25 Walmart Gift Card so you can try Crest #SensiStopStrips for yourself!

September 17, 2014

10% off Your Check at Outback Steakhouse #OutbackBestMates

Have you been to Outback lately? It is time to enjoy a bold, juicy steak at Outback Steakhouse, with 10% off your entire check! Kick off your weekend with a Bloomin Onion', some Mini Milkshakes, or your favorite Outback specialty! Just use this coupon, now through September 30.

Click on the coupon above to clip and redeem. It can be used for lunch or dinner and it can be used to Dine-In or use the Curbside Take-Away feature! You can place your Curbside Take-Away order online or call it in. I use it all the time and it could not be easier. *Certain restrictions may apply, see coupon for details.

What is your favorite thing to order at Outback Steakhouse?

Stay tuned! As an Outback Best Mate, I will have exciting promotions, news, new menu items and more to tell you about all year long!

Connect :: Visit Outback Steakhouse to discover their fresh and delicious steak, chicken, ribs, seafood, pasta dishes, and more! You can also find Outback Steakhouse on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

September 10, 2014

Enter to Win a $100 Target Gift Card!

Image via Unsplash

My blogger friends and I are bringing together two of our favorite things for a super-fun giveaway -- Target & Instagram! You can't get much better than that! You’ll have the chance to win a $100 Target Gift Card + follow some awesome bloggers on Instagram! Be sure to bookmark this page and come back everyday because there will be daily entries available.

P.S. Check the Rafflecopter for the link to another $100 Target Giveaway for even MORE chances to win! 

Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!

September 7, 2014

Mary Kay Project Runway :: Graphic Blue Cat Eyes & Playful Pink Lips Look :: Review and Giveaway

Have you been watching this season of Project Runway on Lifetime? I am really into it! I would have to say at this point, I am for Amanda winning. If you have also been watching, then you know that the iconic beauty company, Mary Kay, takes center stage in front of a weekly, national audience. This group of up-and-coming designers finish their runway looks in the Mary Kay Color Design Studio throughout the season. Fans of the hit show get a behind-the-scenes look and learn how to achieve runway inspired looks at home! I am so excited to be working with Mary Kay and Project Runway to recreate these looks!

In the first episode, Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Luis Casco showed us how to create the Emerald Smoke Look. This time, we are re-creating Casco's Graphic Blue Cat Eyes & Playful Pink Lips Look. How did he do it? Just follow this simple tutorial for step by step instructions. If I can do it, so can you!

EYES :: To find the perfect angle for the wings of your eyeliner, hold an eyeliner brush diagonally over your eye so it intersects with the outside corners of your eye and eyebrow.
  1. Sweep Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Moonstone across lids from lash line to brow bone, then blend Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Driftwood onto creases and under eyes to create depth.
  2. Apply a thin line of Mary Kay At Play Bold Fluid Eyeliner in Blue My Mind from upper inner corners to middle of eyes.
  3. Make eyes pop by lining the rest of the lid with Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner in Jet Black starting from the upper outer corners.
  4. Finish with two coats of Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in Black for definition and curl.
LIPS :: Dab lip gloss in the center of bottom lip for extra dimension and shine!
  1.  Apply Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick in Pink Cherie straight from the tube and finish with Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in Au Naturel.
FACE :: Using bronzers on the cheeks can sculpt your face and give it that cool glow!
  1. Give your look serious staying power with Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinavia!

I was not quite sure about that bright blue eyeliner. But after I had it on, I felt like it really made my eyes pop. It is a great color. I also love the gel eyeliner. Talk about easy to use! Are you ready to Get The Look?

You can also check out the Graphic Blue Cat Eyes & Playful Pink Lips Video Tutorial to actually see how this looks in action! Tune into Project Runway every week, as Mary Kay will continue to provide more looks, behind the scenes photos, tips and tutorials throughout the season! One of my lucky reader is going to win the eight Mary Kay Products you need to recreate the Graphic Blue Cat Eyes & Playful Pink Lips Look!

September 6, 2014

Beauty Tools for Home & Travel

I love trying new beauty products. If you read my blog, you know that! But I also need great beauty tools to help me utilize all of the great beauty products that I use. Here are some fabulous beauty tool choices for both home use and for traveling.

Zen Cosmetics is a glamorous storage unit that's designed to hold onto your beauty essentials. Its grippy silicone base accommodates primping tools of varying sizes, from brushes to pencils to tweezers. It'll keep you looking your best and your counters clutter free. I was able to fit very large brushes and very small tweezers in the same unit! It is so versatile.

Zen Cosmetics was invented by Edwin Van de Bospoort of the Netherlands. Like all Quirky products, Zen Cosmetics was invented and influenced by real people like you. Edwin Van de Bospoort is an industrial product designer by education, but spends his days designing interfaces. After opening a junk drawer under his table he found a puzzling mess of pens, batteries, and randomness. He invented Pen Zen to help him and his coworkers keep their desks a little cooler, calmer, and more collected. Its popularity sparked a makeover: Zen Cosmetics. Cool story right? I love that this was invented by a real person.

Connect :: Visit Quirky.com for more great products invented and influenced by real people like you! Connect with Quirky on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: You can purchase Zen Cosmetics on Quirky.com for $14.99. It comes in gorgeous soft hues including grey, pink, teal, and coral.

Meet Slim. With 22,000 brushstrokes per minute and a choice of bright colors and patterns, you'll look and feel fabulous every time you use your Slim Sonic Portable Toothbrush. Its mascara-style vented cap means you can grab it from your handbag, backpack, or pocket to brush up anytime, anywhere. It is perfect for gym, office, travel and more. I love the fun styles and the vented cap!

Pearly white teeth are always in fashion and the Slim Sonic's gorgeous on-trend cheetah print will make all other toothbrushes seem so 1950. Simply press the button and this power toothbrush will leave you with the most important accessory of all - a clean, white and sexy smile. The Slim Sonic comes with a free replacement head and AAA battery, so you're ready to go as soon as you open the package!

Connect :: Visit violight.com for more great products that add fashion and flare to personal care! Connect with Violife on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: The Slim Sonic Toothbrush can be purchased at ULTA, Dillards, and online via violight.com for $15.

I travel quite frequently, so I was really excited when I received The EMME Bag! Whether you’re boarding a plane and traveling across the country, or hopping in the car and traveling across the state, there is no underestimating a good make-up bag. Do you ever wish there was a better way to consolidate all of your lip-glosses, eyeliners, blushes and foundations into a slim, durable and easy to organize bag? What if you could also have sections that zip in and out, so you can keep what you need with you at all times, and keep your bag needs to a minimum? This, my friends, is where EMME comes in!

The three panel design allows you to clearly see where all your items reside, while at the same time keeping them fresh and clean - safe from exploded bottles. The zip-out design allows you to re-attach the liquids pouch at the hotel, leaving you extra room on the vanity and keeping all your toiletry items in one place. Hang it on the towel rack and everything is in sight. The EMME features 7 interior pockets made of non-toxic PEVA plastic, 2 zip out pouches for liquids and other items and 12 TSA approved bottles with labels.

With more pockets and compartments than you can imagine needing, it was designed with the frequent traveler in mind. The EMME Bag’s practicality goes way beyond TSA checkpoints. It even comes with idea pages in each compartment, so you know what would fit best where. Look how long it folds out to (see above)! It will easily hang in your hotel room upon arrival. Then, when you leave, just zip and go! I love my EMME Bag! It is exactly what I have been looking for to make my traveling easier! No more ziploc bags, now I have EMME.

Connect :: Visit emmebag.com to discover this beautiful, premium bag that simplifies frequent travel! Connect with EMME on Twitter.

Buy It :: You can purchase the EMME Bag for $75 via emmebag.com.

If there is one beauty tool that I use every single day, it is the Clarisonic PLUS. If I miss a day for some reason, I can tell. Yes, it really is that awesome. Versatility at its best, Clarisonic PLUS offers a total face and body experience for clean, beautiful skin. Your face (and your body) will thank you.

Let's face it, you spend lots of money on lotions and potions, serums and more for your beauty routine. This is the very product that will make all of those things work like they should. Cleansing is the essential first step in a healthy skin care ritual. The patented Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing Brush uses a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to deeply cleanse the skin far more effectively, yet more gently, than traditional superficial cleansing or simple rotating brushes. The result is noticeably smoother, more radiant skin. I would not go without this product. I love my Clarisonic PLUS!

Connect :: Visit clarisonic.com to discover how gentle power can beautifully transform your skin. Connect with Clarisonic on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: The Clarisonic PLUS can be purchased on Amazon for $225.

I tried my first Beautyblender from a Glossybox, and I have been using it ever since. Beautyblender is the ultimate make up sponge applicator. It was invented by top Hollywood make up artist Rea Ann Silva. Silva created Beautyblender to leave you with a professional finish and a flawless complexion. She knows that the key to a perfect face is a perfect blend.

Beautyblender’s patent-pending elliptical shape makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with stunning ease. Its suede texture is sensual to the touch and its unique curves fit the contours of your face, leaving your make up dazzling and undetectable. It is such a soft and easy blender to use. I have been using the same one for months and have been washing it with the Blendercleanser. It is still as great as ever!

Buy It :: You can purchase a set of two Beautyblenders on Amazon for $24.99. You can also pick up the Blendercleanser for $14.08 to keep your sponges clean and fresh.

It's a pencil organizer ... no wait - it's a pencil sharpener ... actually, it's both. Snap in your cosmetic pencils into this organizer to stay organized at home or on-the-go. This patented product even has a hidden precision pencil sharpener on the bottom. But while standing up, it also holds 14 standard size cosmetic pencils. There's even a silver gem on the top for some extra bling.

Stay organized and prevent losing your cosmetic pencils by organizing them in the Every Beauty Sharpening Pencil Organizer. To use, snap in a pencil into one of the 14 organization slots. Turn around the organizer to find a precision pencil sharpener on the bottom. This is a really convenient and useful tool!

Every girl (and guy) needs a great pair of tweezers! These Every Beauty Slanted Safety Tweezers turn inward when not in use. This is to prevent poking yourself or other items when storing.

When you are ready to use them, just turn the tweezers outward. This makes them compact and great for travel. These tweezers also feature stainless steel tips. I found them to also be quite precise for getting those pesky hairs.

Get silky smooth skin after just one use while removing your makeup. Just add water to activate Every Beauty Makeup Remover Pads and remove your makeup. No rinsing needed. There is also no moisturizing needed as each pad has Argan Oil Extract. These simple to use pads are perfect for traveling. You can see the Argan Oil Extract is every pad. It might look kind of "dirty" - but that is just the infused Argan Oil Extract.

To use, you can choose your length, because each pad is perforated to the next pad. Add a few drops of water and remove your makeup. Do not squeeze the pad. No rinsing of the face is needed. 100% Natural, these pads contain Vitamin E  and are hypoallergenic with no alcohol and no parabens.

Connect :: Visit Every Beauty for more unique and hard to find beauty tools. Connect with Every Beauty on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: You can purchase the sharpening pencil organizer for $14.99, the safety tweezers for $9.99, and the infused makeup remover pads for $7.49.

What is your favorite beauty tool?

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