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5 Tips for Preparing for an Island Vacation

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When you think of paradise, there’s a good chance that you dream of time on a tropical island. The warm sand between your toes, crystal clear waters, wind in your hair, and not a care in the world. Proper preparation can ensure your picture-perfect vacation doesn’t turn into a tropical storm with these five easy tips.

Check Transportation Options

Before you make a final decision on which island you’ll travel to, check out the transportation in the area. Having a sense of all the travel required can help you determine where you’ll spend your vacation. This includes how you will get to the island and your lodging place.

Some islands house a large airport, so that will make the majority of your journey a bit easier. Others may require you to take a smaller jet to the island if the airport can't accommodate more extensive plans. Another possibility is the need to take a water taxi or speed boat to tiny islands that have no flight options for visitors.

Once you know how you will get to the island you are staying on, you'll need to determine how to get to your hotel or vacation rental. Many large resorts will offer pickup and dropoff to the nearest airport, so take advantage of this opportunity if it is available. Otherwise, you'll want to see what local transportation is like. Regardless of where you're staying, ask the concierge or your host what they recommend for traveling to your final destination.

Pack Like a Pro

Depending on the time of year you'll be traveling will determine what type of clothing you should pack for your vacation. You should check the expected weather conditions during your travels to make sure you're bringing appropriate attire. Also, island life tends to be more casual, so there are a few occasions you will need business attire or formal wear.

Once you've gathered all the clothes, you'd like to pack, roll them rather than fold them to make the most out of your suitcase space. Because most of your clothing will be thinner material for the island air, you will be shocked how much you can pack even in a smaller suitcase.

Make sure your suitcase has wheels so you can drag it behind you. Some small airports will have you pick up checked luggage right on the tarmac after deplaning. It will also be easier to have wheeled luggage in case there are any long treks between transportation modes or through a large resort.

Trusted Toiletries

Like any vacation, you'll want to pack any and all toiletries that you use regularly. Do not count on being able to buy any particular item you use once you arrive. There may not be the same selection you're used to seeing at your local drug store, and prices are likely to be much higher for standard items.

Confirm with the place you’re staying to see if they will provide certain toiletries. At resorts, it’s common for items like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion to be available each day. However, you’ll want to pack additional hair products and accessories, like a hair dryer or straightener, if they are not included where you’re staying.

If you are taking any medications, be sure you have enough to last your entire trip. If you run out before you return, talk with your doctor about getting an early refill to manage your health the whole length of your stay. Some over-the-counter medications, like antihistamines and pain relievers, may be available, but it could be useful to bring some along if you think you might need them.

Plenty of Activities

Resorts are great at planning activities for all ages. You can look at the schedule to see what is available if you feel like being active or social after a few days of pure relaxation. There are often staff members who host meetups for younger visitors, which really makes for a perfect holiday for the little ones.

Even if you’re not staying at a resort, it’s best to check out what is available locally. You’ll likely be able to find all sorts of family-friendly activities as well as ones perfect for solo travelers. While you’re on the island, look for things like scuba diving, surfing, parasailing, and fishing cruises.

Beat the Sun

Being on an island generally comes along with sun exposure. If the island where you're staying is near the Equator, that means you'll have a more significant amount of time in the sun. Even though you're surrounded by water, it's possible to get sunburned and dehydrated if you're not taking care of your body.

Before you head out for the day, make sure to put on at least SPF 30 sunscreen to any skin that will be exposed to the sun. You’ll want to let it soak in for at least 20 minutes before going outside. Also, reapplication is a must and should take place approximately every two hours. If you’re swimming or doing another type of water sport, it’s best to dry off and reapply immediately.

Warmer temperatures mean you might find yourself sweating more than usual, and this can cause dehydration. Be conscientious about your water intake and aim for at least two liters each day. If you’re drinking alcoholic beverages or spending additional time in direct sunlight, add another liter of water.


GLOSSYBOX Beauty Box Subscription

GLOSSYBOX is a monthly beauty box subscription service, where subscribers receive 5 beauty products wrapped in a gorgeous pink box. The products are carefully selected to include niche and cult beauty brands such as OPI, Clarins, Dermalogica, Burberry, Stila, and many more.

Unwrap a new themed box each month. I got to test the March box and it was all about celebrating women leading the beauty industry with style and grace. How cool is that?! The featured brands last month included Yensa, Nuria, Briogeo, DWTN Paris, and Manna Kadar Beauty. Here is what I found inside.

First of all, I really like the variety. You have haircare, makeup, and skincare all in one box. I was also pleased to see two full-size products! GLOSSYBOX makes it easy for you to discover beauty products you’ll love that you might not have tried otherwise. No matter which subscription plan you choose, GLOSSYBOX is a perfect little present from you to you!

Nuria is a vegan, cruelty-free brand featuring all-around clean products that support women around the globe. You have likely heard of dual-cleansing? The first cleanser is intended to wash off makeup and surface impurities. Rescue Rebalancing Cleanser’s key ingredient being Mandarin Orange extract has a gentle astringency helps relieve and re-balance acne-prone skin. Boosted with an infusion of Seaweed Extract, Loquat Extract, and Rosehip Oil, this rebalancing formula calms troubled skin to reveal a natural glow.

Briogeo is a brand that I currently use and love. Their popularity stems from a celebration of transparency and positivity. Female founder Nancy Twine wanted Briogeo to inspire transparency and to cater to various hair needs, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all solution. The Don’t Despair, Repair strength + moisture leave-in mask is for those with dry, damaged, and brittle hair that want an instant reparative treatment. The strengthening and reparative leave-in deep conditioner provides repair benefits beyond an in-shower experience and produces healthy, stronger hair in between washes and heat styling.

When Jennifer Yen founded the superfood brand Yensa, she wanted to create products that utilized superfood science with traditional cosmetics. TONE UP PRIMER Essential Glow infuses these super-powered skin-loving ingredients to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, minimize the appearance of pores, even skin texture and keep skin looking flawless. Smooth a thin layer over clean, moisturized skin, let it set for 15 seconds, then follow up with your favorite foundation. You glow, girl!  

Did you know that highlighter is almost always one of the last steps for applying makeup so it’s not blurred by other products? Now ya do! Use the DWTN Paris Highlighter to add a lustrous finish. You can buff or dot the highlighter above your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, on the inner corners of eyes, and above your cupid’s bow. Blend out with a fingertip for a seamless shine.

Manna Kadar Beauty takes pride in protecting the rights of animals around the world. They merge trends with the finest ingredients in the world using only cruelty-free methods. I love the swirl tube on Manna Kadar’s Bloom Mascara! It features a cutting-edge wand with reservoirs of mascara between each individual groove. The ultra-dense fiber bristles give you intense volume to make your lashes look fuller and sexier.

New to GLOSSYBOX? Here's what you need to do to get started. Simply select the payment option of your choice, to receive the latest GLOSSYBOX each month. Sign up for a 1, 3, 6 or 12-month subscription and let the fun begin!

I heard a rumor that the April GLOSSYBOX has a "clean" theme - how fitting for spring! Kiehl's and Juice Beauty are just a few of the brands featured in the April box. You can even use the code NEW20 to get 20% off your first box!  

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NuMe Megastar Hair Straightener

My thick, wavy hair is always a tough critic when it comes to straighteners. But I have been using this hair straightener from NuMe for several months, and I am pleased! The Megastar is different because it features an infrared heat strip built into its 100% tourmaline ceramic plates. The strip comes into direct contact with hair, emitting 1000% more negative ions for shine and sleekness without damage or dryness.

It works because the infrared heat technology penetrates the hair's cortex, heating purely and quickly from within. I don't understand the logistics exactly, but I do know that my hair seems softer and less frizzy after use. I love the soft touch finish, digital display setting, 30-minute automatic shutoff, and heating mechanisms that go from 190F-450F in seconds.

The Megastar is a multi-use tool that can help you achieve a wide variety of hairstyles from silky straight to defined and natural curls. The beveled plate design allows for this versatility. Yep. Go ahead and use it to curl. The 1-inch floating plates are flexible and adjust to your hair, moving easily and tug-free.

From the infrared heat strip sending gentle heat directly into the hair follicle and out to the cuticle to protect strands over time - to the negative ion conditioning technology maintaining moisture and eliminating frizz - I feel confident that the NuMe Megastar Hair Straightener is styling my hair safely and efficiently.

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5 Travel Outfits You Must Take On Your Next Adventure

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Jetsetting fashionistas are as eager to post their #wanderlust Instagram photos as they are to actually travel to their token destination. Sometimes, we all get a little swept away by the “pictures or it didn’t happen” mentality - and hey, that’s okay! While the beauty of traveling is in the adventure itself, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful as you explore new cultures and cities! Before you get frustrated in your hotel room feeling like you have nothing to wear, tap into some style inspiration with these must-have travel outfits to pack on your next trip!

1. The Beachside Babe

Okay, so say you’re headed to a tropical destination complete with turquoise water, white, sandy beaches, and palm trees for days. You already know how much time you’ll spend sipping on drinks while you’re soaking up the sun. If you don’t want to pay for that golden tan with fine lines and premature wrinkles, then protecting yourself from the sun is priority number one!

You can still look super cute while shielding yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays by rocking this look:
  • Wide-brimmed straw hat that provides plenty of facial shade
  • Dark-lense sunnies to protect your eyes with circular, Boho-inspired frames
  • A crocheted, full-length slip to cover up between tanning sessions
  • Flirty wedged sandals to give your legs some added length
Bonus points for picking up a dainty parasol for extra sun protection!

2. Mountain Chic

Going up to the mountains for some fresh air? Looking cute in cold weather can feel like quite the challenge but it all depends on the right layering strategy! Take Timberland’s fall line as a prime example; there you’ll find plenty of creative options to get into the rural yet refined aesthetic. 

Bundle up in your favorite outerwear with a strategy like this:
  • Distressed denim that exudes a mountain-esque vibe
  • A warm Henley thermal in neutral tones to match with any ensemble
  • A drape-front cardigan that makes you feel as cozy as you are stylish
  • Wrap a woven scarf around you for an accessory that doubles as a blanket
  • Timeless ankle boots to tie the outfit altogether

3. The Edgy European

If your next adventure is trans-Atlantic, you’ll need to up your style game to stay on par with the fashion-forward Europeans. If you were taking fashion tips from a Parisian, they’d tell you that your clothes should be properly fitted with minimal accessories. You should shop for quality over quantity here; a genuine leather jacket will speak much louder than a shabby sweater from Forever 21. 

Here’s what we suggest you go for:
  • Black, high-waisted jeans cropped at the ankle
  • A brightly colored graphic tee with bold patterns
  • A leather moto jacket that looks like it was made to ride a Vespa
  • An oversized purse to turn heads while toting souvenirs
  • Cute loafer flats that show the world you mean business

4. Museum Meanderer

Want to look effortlessly chic as you tour your way through foreign cities? Who doesn’t! On days where your itinerary is chock-full of museum tours, go with a smartly styled ensemble that might just fool everyone into believing you’re smart enough to lead the tour group! 

To achieve that lovely librarian look, pack the following:
  • A plaid mini-skirt
  • Pair your skirt with a semi-sheer navy blouse
  • Complete your layers with a cropped blazer boasting strong shoulders
  • Pick out a cute pair of white Keds that are perfect for walking around all day
  • Accessorize with a pair of cat-framed eyeglasses (shhh… we won’t tell that they’re fake!)

5. City Lights Style

Whether it’s a trip to the Big Apple to a cross-continental flight to the streets of Tokyo, going to the city means putting together your most cutting-edge looks. We’re talking asymmetrical cuts, neon accents, and shoes that can make any sneakerhead jealous.
  • Baggy, cut-out jeans cinched flatteringly at the waist
  • An oversized tee resonant of the nineties, partially tucked in at the belt
  • The latest Yeezy Boost adidas
  • A flashy unisex watch that’ll stand out in any pose

What you should pack on your next adventure depends entirely on your location of choice and the look that you’re going after. Don’t forget to bring along all your travel beauty essentials to complete your look! Once you get glammed out from head-to-toe, all your followers back home will definitely be #instajealous.


These Deals Are Making Me Blush

I have been very into blush pink lately. Is it because we are now in February and we are getting so close to Valentine's Day? Is it because it was absolutely freezing this week and now my cheeks are indeed a natural blush pink? Who knows. But I wanted to share a few of my favorite rosy picks from (shown above)!
  1. Adorable Bow Slip-On Sneakers | $28.99 + $5.99 Shipping
  2. The Soho Pullover | $34.99 + $5.99 Shipping
  3. Metallic Teardrop Earrings | $4.99 + $2.99 Shipping
  4. Neoprene Tote Bag | $24.99 + $7.99 Shipping

While you are browsing, check out the Deal Dash! But you have to be quick - hence the DASH! These are special deals that only last 24 hours on The Deal Dash starts now and continues through 2/3. These blushy-dashey deals caught my eye!

  1. Winter Sweaters | $15.99 + $4.99 Shipping
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  3. Tennelle Cozy Zip Up Hoodie | $13.99 + $4.99 Shipping

In case you are not familiar with, the Jane Marketplace features the latest in women's fashion trends, home decor, accessories, and more! You will find new fabulous deals added daily at up to 65% off! An online daily boutique, combines everything that women love - weekly giveaways, trendy clothes, unique jewelry, baby bows, home decor, and more. Shopping at is like wandering through your favorite boutique from the comfort of your couch. Don't miss the dash ending 2/3!

I actually just placed my own order from yesterday. I was looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day t-shirt and I found one that I love. I also picked up a really cute pair of chinos and an empire waist tunic. Not only am I loving blush pink lately, but I am also loving stripes. Here is what I picked up. I will post everything on Instagram when it arrives. Until then, happy shopping!