December 22, 2014

Rituals Cosmetics :: Review

The idea behind Rituals Cosmetics is simple. Happiness can be found in the smallest of things. Rituals transforms your everyday routines into moments of indulgence by means of beautiful and luxurious products. Enjoy a warm fragrant bath, a cup of specialty tea or do the dishes with a little more pleasure. I absolutely love (and completely relate to) their philosophy. Enrich the little things in life with a hint of luxury. This true passion can be found in all their products.

The collections are based on Eastern traditions. Each ancient wisdom has its own specifically selected ingredients and distinctive benefits. I had never tried Rituals before, so I was thrilled to be reviewing three of their products. I tried two products from the Tao Collection and one from the Laughing Buddha Collection.

Did you know that the average person takes about 10,000 steps per day? Take some time to put your feet up and let them relax with the help of the Lao Tze foot balm. Pamper your feet with this sensational, nourishing and cooling formula. The unique rich balm has a combination of natural ingredients that leaves dry, rough skin feeling silky, soft and supple. It contains Chinese Mint for revitalizing tired feet. The result? Feet feel silky soft and supple, while your whole body benefits from the care you devote to your feet. It feels amazing! I love this stuff. The cooling sensation feels so relaxing.

The T'ai Chi foaming shower gel sensation is a unique shower foam technology based on the organic ingredients of White Lotus and Green Tea. So as you can imagine, it smells incredible. Due to its self-cleaning properties, the White Lotus is a symbol for purity and spiritual growth, while the powerful antioxidant Green Tea has a strong calming effect. It is the gentlest shower foam your skin has ever experienced. To use: Apply a small amount of foam to the palm of your hand. As soon as the gel comes into contact with water, it changes into a rich nourishing foam for cleaning the whole body.

This stuff is so good! The new year is coming so why now start small by improving your shower ritual?! Relax and find balance in the morning with the T'ai Chi foaming shower gel. I am NOT a morning person, but waking up early never felt this good! Green tea is revered in the east for its effects on lowering mental stress and anxiety levels. Isn't it time for you to take time to unwind? Make it your goal for 2015. I love using the shower foams. I can't wait to try the other varieties too.

Finally, we have the Happy Mist, which is a light bed & body perfume. This energizing bed and body mist can be used on your skin or on textiles. It combines the sparkling refreshment of organic Mandarin with the revitalizing power of Yuzu. I love the versatility of this product. Not only is it safe for textiles, and does not stain. It is also a cosmetic formula that does not contain alcohol and is thus ideal for even the most sensitive of skin. It really does have a "happy" smell. The scent is very much a citrus scent. I find it uplifting and refreshing. It is a fresh and pretty scent. Not too overpowering. It makes me want to try the other home fragrances. After trying just a few products from Rituals, I am hooked. I love this brand.

December 21, 2014

Burt’s Bees Natural Skincare for Men Shave Cream :: Review

Do you need stocking stuffer ideas for the men on your list? How about Burt’s Bees Natural Skincare for Men?! Nature knows how to treat a man. Chock-full of clean, no-fuss, no-frills natural care products he doesn't even know he wants but won’t be able to live without. My husband had a chance to try the Natural Skin Care for Men Shave Cream.

The perfect shave is within your reach thanks to this natural cream. It combines the skin calming effects of Calendula and Linden Extract with the hydrating effects of Chamomile resulting in a close, super stylin’ shave that looks and feels smooth. My husband loved using it and I love how smooth his shave was!

  • Calms skin with Calendula and Linden Extract
  • Hydrates with Chamomile 
  • Gives close smooth shave

Jan Marini Holiday Exfoliator :: Review

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful ... But Jan Marini Holiday Exfoliators are so Delightful! This holiday season, get skincare into the spirit – add a little sugar and spice with the Jan Marini Skin Research limited edition Holiday Exfoliator in Cranberry Orange or Sugar Cookie. I reviewed the Sugar Cookie scent.

As you can see, it looks much like peanut butter, but it smells like gingerbread. This clinical-strength resurfacer that immediately refines texture, leaving skin with a radiant, polished glow. It was designed to eliminate harsh abrasives to gently and safely scrub and resurface the skin. Most scrubs are quite abrasive and might actually hurt as you use them. But this is so delicate, it feels like tiny particles of sand. Your skin is left polished and glowing after using. I love it!

Key Technologies:
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Proteolytic Enzymes - Papain from Green Unripened Papaya
  • Spherical Dissolving Bead Technology
  • Antioxidants

Features and Benefits:
  • Refines skin texture and follicle size
  • Unique spherical dissolving beads, proteolytic enzymes and glycolic acid control results and reduce excessive abrasion commonly associated with exfoliating scrubs
  • Creates a perfect, smooth canvas for make-up application
  • Polishes skin, revealing a smooth, glowing complexion

Combined with potent antioxidants, the Marini Holiday Exfoliator combines a smooth, glowing complexion with significant anti-aging benefits. It comes in two scents, Cranberry Orange and Sugar Cookie.

CLn Skin Care :: Review

Healthy, clear skin is always on-trend. It all starts with clean skin. CLn Skin Care is a TopMD brand developed by dermatologists. The line functions to serve athletes and anyone prone to skin sensitivities. CLn’s six products effectively cleanse the face and body for a fresh, blank canvas. I tried two of the six products.

The CLn Facial Cleanser is a gentle skin cleanser designed by dermatologists for skin prone to rosacea, eczema, acne and other sensitive skin conditions. It is preserved with sodium hypochlorite and formulated with glycerin and skin conditioners. CLn Facial Cleanser allows skin to retain moisture and is soothing to sensitive skin. To use: Massage lather into skin for 30 seconds and then rinse. After using, it is evident that there are no extra ingredients added. For example, fragrance. It doesn't smell the best, but I do like the result. My skin felt very clean and refreshed after using.

CLn BodyWash is also uniquely designed for skin prone to eczema, acne, infection and folliculitis. Preserved with sodium hypochlorite. CLn BodyWash offers the effectiveness of a bleach bath with the luxury of a gentle skin cleanser. Designed by dermatologists, this non-drying formulation can be used on compromised or sensitive skin without causing irritation or dryness. It also reduces the appearance of redness, dryness and scaly skin associated with eczema. To use: It should be lathered on for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. If a larger bottle size is needed, please order the CLn SportWash as it contains the same formulation. I had the same experience with CLn BodyWash. It did not have the pretty smell that I am used to with my regular body washes, but it isn't supposed to. I don't have any of these skin conditions, so I can't say if it works in those cases. But I can see how without any extra ingredients that would irritate the skin, it would be good for those with skin issues.

Rock 'N Learn Math & Science 10-DVD Collection :: Review and Special Offer

Don't miss this deal! Groupon is offering the Rock 'N Learn Math & Science 10-DVD Collection for only $39.99. That is 10 DVDs! The retail value is $129.95, so the savings is incredible. Through catchy songs and bright computer-animated characters, these DVDs teach youngsters ages 6-10 varied concepts in math and science. As a teacher, I can tell you that these DVDs actually teach your kids what they need to know to succeed in school. It is not just entertainment. They will be learning.

The 10 DVDs include:
  • Add & Subtract
  • Let’s Tell Time
  • Money
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Physical Science for Kids
  • Earth Science for Kids
  • Life Science for Kids
  • Human Body for Kids

The Rock ‘N Learn Math & Science 10-DVD Collection features clever tunes and computer-animated characters help teach kids concepts. Like I said, they teach the concepts that kids need to know. It is a collaborative effort between educators and entertainers. The perfect mix for prime learning. These DVDs will teach basic science and math concepts, such as the human body and telling time. They can even help kids prepare for state standardized testing! Bonus!! Most DVDs are best for ages 8-10, but some best for ages 6 and older. I teach third grade and this set is perfect for them.

Rock 'N Learn offers materials for all subject areas, not just math and science. I have used both science and math materials in the past and students just love them! If you have a child that is struggling with a concept, multiplication for example, using a Rock 'N Learn DVD from this set would be a great way to offer extra support. All of the DVDs incorporate cool music with exciting, colorful imagery, and most importantly, content instruction.

Spa Sonic Pro :: Review

The Spa Sonic Pro Skin Care System Professional Face and Body Polisher is a 2 speed waterproof device which is ideal for use in the shower, bath and sink. It operates with 5 attachments: large brush for the body, small brush for the face, pumice for rough areas, facial sponge and pore minimizing silicone brush. It also includes a luxurious and convenient storage/travel tote.

The Spa Sonic Pro makes a perfect gift for anyone who has been wanting to try a deep cleansing beauty system. This one is so affordable, and to be honest, you get more. I love the attachments that come with this set. I have not seen some of these offered in other deep cleansing systems.

The Spa Sonic Pro Includes:
  • 1 body polishing unit
  • 1 small facial brush
  • 1 large body brush
  • 1 pore minimizing brush
  • 1 facial sponge
  • 1 pumice stone
  • 1 storage bag
  • 1 battery four pack

The small facial brush is made of very soft bristles, specially designed for tender facial skin. For exfoliation, to achieve the best result, you should first clean your face. Apply your favorite cleanser to brush, or to your entire face before use. Gently move the brush across your face in a circular motion.

The large body brush is recommended for use on the entire body. Apply soap or cleanser to the body. Then, gently move the brush over your skin surface in circular motions.

The soft facial sponge gently massages your skin to stimulate skin cells, improving skin’s elasticity. It greatly helps absorption of beauty products used to prevent and erase fine lines and dark spots. It also helps to tighten pores. After exfoliation and/or cleansing, dip sponge into your preferred skin care product and apply.

To use the pumice stone, immerse your feet in warm water for several minutes, then wipe dry. Apply pumice to feet in a circular motion. During rotation, pumice efficiently removes rough skin cells from feet. Can be used on any rough parts of the body such as knees and elbows.

I love the additional uses the Spa Sonic Pro has like the pore minimizing brush and the facial sponge. You can do so much with this set! Someone on your gift list would love to be pampered with the Spa Sonic Pro! Pick one up for yourself too.

December 2014 Glossybox Review

What is Glossybox? How would you like to receive five surprise luxury beauty products delivered to your doorstep each month? Each month Glossybox curates a box of five luxury travel-sized beauty products for you to lather, blend, soak, spray, buff, and groom with. Indulge and experience luxury at its finest for just $21 a month! Here is what the December Box had waiting for me inside!

'Tis the season to show myself extra love with products that soften, condition, and protect against the elements. For days spent on the couch by the fireplace, the December GLOSSYBOX features cozy leave-on formulas that only get better with time.

Masque Crème Fraîche de Beauté
A source of well-being and immediate freshness, this moisturizing mask with Plant Milks and White Blossom provides intensive moisturization for even the driest of skin. A rescue treatment, it provides intensive relief, instantly soothing skin discomfort. Hydrates and soothes for 24 hours, leaving skin radiant. This mask is so fresh and perfect for that winter dryness.

TONI&GUY Leave-In Conditioner
Suitable for all hair types. Advanced all-day nourishment and hydration. Spread the desired amount evenly through damp hair before styling to help tame frizz throughout the day. Comb through for even distribution before air drying or heat styling. I love this product to tame frizz. I found it just in time for winter!

Rituals Miracle Scrub
A hand scrub containing nourishing oils which are easily absorbed, restoring the skin’s elasticity and moisture balance. Enriched with Ginseng revered as a symbol of immortality and Ginkgo Biloba which stands for life and strength. I love using this before a manicure. It is so soothing.

Ciate Mini in All Aglow
For its unique colour, innovative mani textures or simply the super cute bow – Ciaté London has endless girly appeal and a growing celeb following. A twinkling vintage gold glitter with tiny flecks of red to give a gorgeous glowing finish! Add some sparkle to your holiday mani!

Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick in Burlesque
Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick has been formulated with natural waxes and mineral pigments, iron oxides and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The smooth, silky, 100% natural and organic formula delivers long-lasting nourishing color. The mineral pigments also provide natural protection from the sun. This fuchsia pink shade is gorgeous.

GLOSSYBOX makes the perfect gift! It is the beauty gift that keeps on giving. You can purchase a 1-month subscription for $21, a 3-month subscription for $60, a 6-month subscription for $115, or a 12-month subscription for $220. Purchase it now and tell the recipient to look for it in 2015! 

GLOSSYBOX is featured in my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

December 18, 2014

BrylaneHome Cereco Ceramic Cookware Set :: Review

Why not make dinner easy with helpful kitchen appliances from BrylaneHome? They also offer a large selection of quick and even heating cookware. You will find everything from Deep Fryers to Dutch Ovens to Sauce Pans to Skillets. I reviewed this 8-Pc. Purple Cereco Ceramic Cookware Set. Pretty isn't it?

The 8-Pc. Purple Cereco Ceramic Cookware Set has it all when it comes to cookware sets with style. Innovative and lightweight, this collection of eco-friendly ceramic cookware looks beautiful on your stove top in deep purple designs. I absolutely love the color! The lightweight aluminum is eco-friendly for healthy living. This set features dark purple exterior with eggshell ceramic interior. The cookware has glass lids, and cool touch handles and knobs.

This 8-Pc. Set Includes: 1½-qt. and 2-qt. covered saucepans, 4½-qt. covered casserole, 8” and a 9½” open fry pan. Everything is dishwasher safe! I also love that it is PTOA and PFOA free. I love this durable cookware set that ensures healthier meals that won’t stick. As you can see from the photos above, nothing is sticking to the cookware. In fact, everything just slid right out of the pan! This set has been wonderful to cook with. Not to mention it adds a gorgeous splash of color to kitchen decor and comes at an incredible price. Would someone on your gift list like a new cookware set?

G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix Popped Corn :: Review

G.H. Cretors has been around since 1885. Great Grandpa Cretors invented the popcorn machine and they began perfecting the art of popping corn. Now they use all natural, non-GMO and gluten free ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors to bring you the best tasting popcorn you've ever had!

I had a chance to sample the G.H. Cretors famous Chicago Mix. This diabolically addicting combination has Caramel Corn and Cheese Corn in the same bag. It is Non-GMO Project Verified, completely free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and certified gluten-free. After all of that, how can Chicago Mix be any good? Amazingly enough, it is divine. The popped corn comes in 1.5 ounce bags that are perfect for snacking and portion control!

Chicago Mix is a perfect combination of tastes - sweet, salty, crunchy and cheesy in every bite. The Caramel Corn is made by hand, in copper kettles using real creamery butter and brown rice syrup. The Cheese Corn is made with real aged cheddar cheese melted in special kettles. Chicago Mix is great right out of the bag, but can also be used in original recipes such as Trail Mix Popcorn Clusters.

I am so impressed with this delicious treat! It is so fresh and every single bite is bursting with flavor. The pieces themselves are large and as you can see, they are completely coated in yummy goodness.

Cleanser and Exfoliator from Scalisi Skincare :: Review

Now you can cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin with one advanced product. Combining the best of science and beauty, the Cleanser and Exfoliator from Scalisi Skincare thoroughly cleanses the skin without stripping away moisture. This 2-in-1 daily cleanser and exfoliator features tiny micro-beads to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, allowing new cells to surface. The paraben free Cleanser and Exfoliator is formulated with jojoba, macadamia nut and sunflower oils to moisturize, while time released vitamins A, C and E nourish skin and help provide antioxidant protection. Scalisi Skincare’s Cleanser and Exfoliator is gentle enough to use daily on normal to oily skin.

What I love about this product:
You can get antioxidant protection, hydration and exfoliation, all in one product. It helps revitalize, protect and maintain your skin.


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