September 20, 2017

Packing a Healthy Lunch is Easier Than Ever + Giveaway

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Rubbermaid®.

If packing a healthy lunch is too difficult, we don't do it. Or at least I don't. I want to be able to prepare my healthy lunch the night before. Then I can just grab and go in the morning. The new Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Salad & Snack Set makes packing a healthy lunch easier than ever.

The nine-piece set comes with everything you need to store a salad with all the fixings, as well as a healthy snack. The new BRILLIANCE line of storage containers from Rubbermaid sets a new standard in food storage. It is perfectly designed to be 100% leak-proof, stain resistant and crystal clear.

The stain resistant material will keep the container looking new and resist odors. It is also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup! The set is designed with innovative vents that enable microwaving with the latches up and lid on to reduce splatters. While the modular, space-efficient design allows for exceptional organization in the refrigerator. They have really thought of everything.

I love the customizable insert trays and dividers. This allows you to use your BRILLIANCE Snack & Salad Set for so many types of healthy lunches. They create separated compartments within the container and allow controlled placement based on the foods being packed or stored, making it perfect for my chopped salad.

These stain resistant food storage containers are perfect for healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, dates, cheeses, yogurt, and so much more! To prepare my healthy lunch, I just organize my meal prep containers with whatever I am feeling like eating the next day. The dividers and compartments make it so I can pack several kinds of food in one food storage container.

Then I just seal the leak-proof food storage containers by clicking them shut. They neatly stack in my fridge overnight, making it easy to just grab and go in the morning. What do you think about these Rubbermaid storage containers? Would they be the perfect addition to your healthy lunch prep? 

Rubbermaid is giving one of my lucky readers the chance to with their own set of BRILLIANCE food storage containers with lids! Packing healthy lunches, snacks, and eating on-the-go has never been easier.

Connect :: Visit to learn more about Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE. You can also connect with Rubbermaid via Facebook and Twitter.

Win It :: One {lucky} reader will win a 9-piece Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE Salad & Snack Set!

How To Enter :: Just use the simple form below to enter. Open to US only. Must be 18+ to enter. Giveaway closes on September 29, 2017 at 11:59 pm EST. Only one person per household/IP address may enter. Good luck!

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(*Not applicable to internal compartments created by inserts) that accompanies the claim “100% Leak-Proof Guaranteed*

September 13, 2017

How to Stay Safe Online with CUJO

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Protecting your online privacy should be a priority. Think about all of the time we spend on our devices. Think about all of the personal information we enter on our devices. They are not protected by antivirus, leaving your home open to hackers. The CUJO Smart Internet Firewall can protect all of your devices with business level internet security.

Once you purchase CUJO, you use the app to control your firewall's settings as it protects networked devices and smart doorbells, cameras, and thermostats against hackers. The CUJO uses machine learning to secure everything from tablets to TVs and baby monitors.

Parents will love the Parental Control features. You can control what your kids access online. Set time limits, schedules, and sites that are permitted. You can apply an access policy to any or all devices. It's also blazing fast, meaning it will not slow down any of your devices. The app is my favorite feature. I love being able to monitor my home network activity from my iPhone. It is so easy!

The CUJO takes just a few minutes to start. Plug the CUJO device into your router and follow the step-by-step guide on your CUJO app. Once I downloaded the app, I used the installation video on my phone to guide me through the setup process. Yes, I installed it on my own.

You can find the CUJO Smart Firewall at Best Buy for $250. Designed to bring business-level security to your home network, this one device will secure all devices connecting to the WiFi router. Stay safe with CUJO!

September 2, 2017

New Pixi Beauty Picks

I have been using these picks from Pixi Beauty all summer long. I love the sheer splashes of color and nourishing qualities. So without further ado, here are my current picks from Pixi Beauty!

MultiBalm is a 2-in-1 cheek and lip color stick. This multi use, crème-powder formula awakens by adding a touch of color to the face. I tried the shade Baby Petal, which I found perfect to add a touch of glow to summer skin!

Nourishing Lip Polish is a multitasking lip exfoliator that treats, renews, and perfects lips for a super-smooth finish. My lips tend to burn in the sun. This works great to treat that dead skin left behind.

Quick Fix Powder is a luxe no-color finishing powder that gives a soft-focus finish. The puff applicator makes it perfect to throw in your bag for shiny touch ups. It is like using a photo filter!

Peel & Polish is a radiance revealing enzyme peel that resurfaces for smoother and softer skin. Think of it as a salon peel treatment that you can easily apply in your own home. It gives you that healthy looking glow anytime.

Makeup Fixing Mist is an all-over setting spray for longer-wearing makeup. I have been loving mists lately and this is no exception. It comes out in a fine mist that keeps makeup from moving, melting, or settling into fine lines and pores.

Sheer Cheek Gel is a blush that creates a natural looking and long lasting cheek flush. It will brighten and beautify your complexion in an instant. The shades from left to right are: rosy, natural, flush.

Finally, GelTint & SilkGloss is perfect for that everyday quick pick-me-up look. If you have ever wanted to create that simple stained lip with gloss on top look, this is how you do it.

Connect :: Visit to learn more about looking flawless in a few fuss-free moments. Connect with Pixi by Petra via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Buy It :: You can purchase these Pixi picks via or at a Target store near you!
  1. MultiBalm ($12)
  2. Nourishing Lip Polish ($12)
  3. Quick Fix Powder ($20)
  4. Peel & Polish ($24)
  5. Makeup Fixing Mist ($15)
  6. Sheer Cheek Gel ($14)
  7. GelTint & SilkGloss ($12)

Dualyz Indoor and Outdoor Convertible Slippers

Have you ever owned a pair of comfortable slippers that you wear all around the house? Of course, you have. But what about when you want to go outside? Perhaps it is just to get the mail. Or maybe you are going to run a few errands. Dualyz is the perfect pair of convertible slippers.

Dualyz start with Kush, the slipper that effortlessly accommodates to your lifestyle. Whether you’re indoors relaxing or out of the house and on the go. Featuring a cushioned insole for support and comfort, and a collapsible neoprene back that allows you to slip them on and off easily.

When you are ready to move outdoors, you attach the Ridge outsole. These colorful interchangeable sole options easily detach to keep you looking great no matter where you’re wearing them! 

The Kush slipper is cozy and comfy. Worn alone, they are perfect for relaxing inside. You can choose from light grey or dark grey. They have a snug fit and the neoprene heel keeps them on your foot without slipping.

Ready to go outside? The Ridge outsole snaps on and off your Kush slipper any time you’re leaving or returning home. The durable rubber material provides extra cushioning when you’re hitting the pavement, and with so many colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a combination you love!

Aren't they cute? It was so hard to choose a color combination. I decided on the light grey Kush slipper and the teal Ridge outsole. I love how they turned out.

To attach the outsole, you just snap it in with the back strap. Adding the Ridge outsole does not change the comfort. They are so comfy you will want to wear them all the time. And really, you can!

You will want to get the outsoles in a few colors to match your mood ... and your lifestyle!

Available for both men and women, Dualyz are perfect for walking the dog, dropping the kids off at practice, or wherever your life takes you!

Connect :: Visit to learn more about these convertible slippers that fit your lifestyle. You can also connect with Dualyz on Facebook and Instagram.

Buy It :: You can purchase the Kush Slipper for $54.95 and the Ridge Outsole for $19.95.

August 25, 2017

5 Reasons to Make the Switch to Republic Wireless

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Republic Wireless.

Is it just me or does it physically hurt to pay a gigantic cell phone bill each month? I mean it is just ridiculous! That is it was. We made the switch to Republic Wireless and have been saving big ever since. Republic Wireless is the affordable smartphone service provider that’s revolutionizing the way cellular service is distributed for Android users.

Republic Wireless keeps costs low by seamlessly connecting your device to available free wifi ... and then back to 4G LTE. Smart huh? The connection is updated even in the midst of a phone call or streaming. We have been using a Moto G5 Plus for several months now. We use it to stream movies, text, talk, take photos, and more! Not once have we ever had an issue with dropped service. It is pretty amazing. So why should you make the switch to Republic Wireless?

#1 WiFi First
Republic Wireless pioneered the idea of “WiFi first” resulting in tens of millions in annual savings for its customers. Republic’s smartphones deliver high quality and savings by using the less expensive WiFi network when possible and seamlessly connecting to nationwide 4G LTE cellular network whenever necessary.

#2 It's Affordable
Starting at $15, all Republic plans include unlimited talk and text whether on WiFi or cellular. Data plans start at just $20/month. You can even change your plan when your needs change.

#3 No Contracts. No Hidden Fees.
You won't see any overage charges or additional fees. How amazing is that? No surprises!

#4 Smartphone Features
Don't miss out on the things you love about a smartphone. Use your social media outlets as usual from your Republic Wireless phone. One of the places we love to frequent in the summer is our local pool. I snapped this photo with my Moto G5 Plus then shared it on Instagram. So go ahead, respond to Facebook comments or follow your favorite celebrities on Twitter. There will be no difference when you use Republic Wireless.

#5 Always Connected
Get 4G LTE service across the country backed by two nationwide carriers. We have never experienced a dropped call or service interruption. We even visited family in a rural area. We normally would not get service in their area. That was before Republic Wireless. We stayed connected the whole summer long no matter where we were.

My husband has basically claimed this as his phone. He loves the quality of the phone and the reliability of the service. I love the affordable plans with no hidden fees. How important is it to you to have affordable, reliable phone service? If you don't use Republic Wireless, I strongly suggest you take a closer look. Use the code LITTLEUMBRELLA2017 to receive $20 off service or a phone at!

View Promo Code Terms here:

August 11, 2017

Picture Keeper Connect Review + Giveaway

You know all of those photos that you took during summer vacation? You know, the ones on your phone? How would you feel if you lost them forever? If you’re like me, you take lots and lots of photos while you’re traveling. Keeping them on your phone not only puts you at risk for losing them, you can also run out of space on your device. The solution is Picture Keeper Connect

Small, convenient, and hassle-free, the Picture Keeper Connect offers a simple backup solution for the irreplaceable pictures, videos, and contacts stored on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet, and Mac and PC computer. Whether you're switching to a new phone, running out of storage on your smartphone, or wanting to safeguard important photos, Picture Keeper Connect offers a simple backup solution for all devices.

Inside the box, I found the instruction booklet, the USB device, and an Android adapter (if you need it). Simply plug Picture Keeper Connect into your device’s charging port, open the app, sign in, click start back-up and you’re done!

Apparently, I had 328 photos on my phone that were backed up in a minute or two. Everything was intuitive and simple. Picture Keeper Connect also works to restore photos, videos, and contacts to your new device or even a friend’s device. You can just hand them the USB so they can easily get the photos from you. How cool is that?!

Boom. Backed up and done. When I removed the USB from my phone and inserted it into my PC, I was able to easily bring up all of the photos that were on my phone. 

This is my favorite feature. Now I can move the photos from my devices to my PC and vice versa with ease. I also love the no repetitions feature. The Picture Keeper Connect will actually remember where you left off on your back ups the next time you use it. No more duplicating files and photos you’ve already backed up and taking up enormous amounts of memory you could use for new files.

Another cool feature is contact backup. The Picture Keeper Connect app doesn’t just back up photos and videos. You can also use it to backup your contacts. Once backed up, contacts can easily be transferred to a new phone or restored on your original device.

So, in review, here is how I will be using my Picture Keeper Connect.
  • To transfer files from old devices to new ones.
  • To move files between wireless devices and computers.
  • To backup all photos, videos, and contacts.
  • To save new files with every new backup - no duplicated files.
  • To easily share files from my devices with a friend.

How will you use Picture Keeper Connect? Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win one and try it for yourself!

Connect :: Visit to learn more about simple solutions for your everyday digital backup needs. Connect with Picture Keeper via Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: You can purchase the Picture Keeper Connect for $119.99. Use the code ALittleUmbrella to receive 40% off.

Win It :: One {lucky} reader will win a Picture Keeper Connect!

How To Enter :: Just use the form below to enter. Open to the US only. Must be 18+ to enter. Giveaway closes on August 25, 2017, at 11:59 pm EST. Only one person per household/IP address may enter. Good luck!



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