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Erin Condren Wall Organization Center

Now that we are into October, I am also back in the classroom. This means I am also back to being busy and trying to keep everything organized. Erin Condren to the rescue! I have taken my office to the next level with Erin Condren’s newest desk organization product - the Wall Organization Center!

Designed with an organization expert, the Wall Organization Center will work for anyone. Families, teachers, couples, students ... it will fit seamlessly and stylishly into any home, classroom, dorm room, or wherever you need it. They allow you to create an instant central organization hub that will keep everyone organized.

I was gifted four different products (thanks EC) to complete my Wall Organization Center. I started with (1) the Signature Weekly Schedule Wall Organization Center. There are 20 Unique Wall Organization Center Options in either a black or white frame. I chose the weekly schedule with a customized message - leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

Expand the function and fashion of your Wall Organization Center with slide-on wall organizer accessories. No more lost keys, missing receipts or wandering writing tools! The three products I chose came bundled in the Wall Organization Cork Accessories Set, but they can also be purchased individually. The 3 Knob Key Holder (2), Pencil Cup (3), and the 13" Cork Strip (1) just slide onto the base. The Wall Organization Center measures 24x18 in size and requires some installation. However, we found the setup is incredibly simple!

This organization system is so smart! Not only is it incredibly practical, but it also elevates the decor of the room you display it in! The options are endless. I am using mine as a weekly calendar, but as you can see in the pic above, you can really taylor it to fit your needs.

Whether you need a chore chart, a monthly calendar, a habit tracker, a meal planner, you will need to use just use wet erase markers to write on the frame. Another great feature? The frame is interchangeable, so you can change the way you use it anytime you want. How smart! If you are new to Erin Condren, you can receive a $10 off coupon from Erin Condren via email by signing up here. How are you going to use your Erin Condren Wall Organization Center?


Pixi Beauty Week | Day 6 | Vitamin-C Collection

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It is the last day of Pixi Beauty Week, but we are ending with one of my favorite collections from Pixi, it's the Vitamin-C Skincare Collection. The Vitamin-C craze has been popping up all over skincare brands as of late. It is easy to see why. Vitamin-C is known for its brightening effect and antioxidant benefits.

Summer may be on its way out, but you can keep your skin shining bright with these favorites. The pump on the Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser confused me at first. But then I realized it was a cleansing water meant to be applied with a cotton pad. This antioxidant cleansing water contains ferulic acid and probiotics help to preserve and protect the skin.

Love Pixi Glow Tonic? Of course, you do. But now Pixi offers several alternatives, one being Vitamin-C Tonic. This gentle exfoliating toner helps to brighten and protect. Luminosity is restored, skin tone evens out and pores are minimized.

Curated Quick Reads on Fashion, Beauty, Style + More!

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Since downloading the app, I have perused lovely articles on affordable leopard fashion, winning products for healthy locks, styling cute + comfy sneakers, and the sheer dress + statement heels look. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. These all turned out to be interesting reads from cool bloggers, so I definitely appreciated the suggestions.
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NIRA Skincare Laser Age-Defying Laser Treatment at Home

Let's face it. Professional in-office treatments are the best way to achieve age-defying skincare results. However, they are quite pricey and you typically need to make multiple visits. So when I heard about NIRA, I was definitely excited to try this home laser treatment.

How does it work? NIRA uses semiconductor technology combined with a highly specialized infrared laser to trigger your skin on a cellular level. Think of it as taking years off your skin, back to younger days when it naturally produced more collagen and elastin.


Pixi Beauty Week | Day 5 | Rose-Infused Beauty

Grab some rose because we are talkin' rose-infused skincare treats today! You will boost your complexion's radiance on a hydrated journey to dreamy skin. Rose extract is known for anti-inflammatory benefits, while rose oil can be quite hydrating. Antioxidant and skin-conditioning properties are a few more of the benefits of rose-based skincare. Not to mention, rose in any form smells good!

In the order, let's start with makeup removal using Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths. These pre-moistened cleansing cloths effortlessly dissolve makeup while balancing skin. I love using a makeup wipe when I am on the go. They gently remove even waterproof formulas in one easy step. Each soft cloth is infused with chamomile and rose oil to calm skin.

Next, we need to clean our skin using Rose Cream Cleanser. This nourishing cream cleanser will cleanse, calm and condition skin. Enriched with natural botanicals to nourish and fortify, this soothing, gentle cleanser effectively strengthens and softens. A triple threat - Rose Flower Oil moisturizes, Chamomile soothes, and Avocado Oil conditions!

Naturally soothing and skin-balancing, Rose Tonic is a rose-infused favorite. Rich in nutrients, this rose tonic helps to tone, balance pH, minimize redness and calm skin. Use it to normalizes hydration levels and gently remove any impurities. It rehydrates, replenishes and refreshes!